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Posture: Regular Tune Ups Lead to a Healthier Life

When you look in the mirror, what do you see?
If you are facing the mirror with your arms at your sides and you can see more than just your thumb and index finger, you are suffering from less than good posture.
Perhaps your shoulders roll forward. Maybe your back sits in a slouch, causing your stomach to protrude and your lower back to arch. Straighten up. As a TRX instructor once told me, "Tuck your scapulas in your back pocket," tighten your abs, and keep soft knees, meaning straight, but not locked.
Now, look in the mirror again. Take notice of how this posture feels to your body and try to hold it throughout the day. Walk by a mirror again later and see if you're holding strong. It is not an easy task to maintain proper posture at all times.
Keep your chin up, literally, but also, it will get easier with practice. If you still struggle to remind yourself to keep your muscles and bones in check, AlignMed.com has clothing which works with your body to offer neurologic biofeedback, meaning it constantly reminds your muscles and bones to self-correct.

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Every body needs to be in proper alignment, but not everybody takes care to treat themselves to a good tune up. AlignMed supports men and women with sleek designs and health in mind.
Great posture exudes confidence, health, and provides symmetry to the body. Confidence creates opportunities and symmetry promotes beauty to the external body, but also internally.
A chiropractor can help solve constipation, chronic headaches, and many pains just by setting the bones back into place, which opens up the body to function as intended. Often, chiropractors will recommend stretches and simple, specific exercises to maintain their work to your body, but most importantly, to keep you on the path to a strong, healthy posture.
Trainers often recommend posture-building exercises to new clients before getting into complex training routines. This helps prevent injury.
Here is an exercise-stretch combo: lie on your back and bring your knees up to a 90-degree angle with your calves parallel to the floor. Maintaining the 90-degree angle, drop your feet to the floor. Contract your abs and lift your pelvis so that your body is straight from the roller to your knees. Roll a foam roller beneath your spine, starting at the top of your shoulders and working it down your back until you reach the base of your rib cage. Pause for a few breaths at each movement and drop your hips to stretch. Repeat this movement up and down your back for three sets up and three sets down.
There are countless exercises and stretches, but this simple action, repeated regularly, will help your posture. When you take a look in the mirror, stand tall and see the difference so you can walk tall and make a difference.

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