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Creating Healthy Habits: Make Time Work for You

What is the number one excuse for weight-gain?
The answer is obvious, yet ever-fleeting, and it is the same for weight-loss.
The difference between gaining weight and losing it falls to action or inaction.
What does that mean?

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Saying, "I don't have time," means that outside forces are controlling the outcome of your day.
Stating, "I don't make time," means that you take ownership for the inactivity in your day, and that is your first step toward action, change, and creating the body you want from inside out.
Gyms and group fitness classes are excellent for those who seek accountability partners to aid in the motivation process. It also helps to have a schedule that fits class times.
Harsh diets and cleanse programs can help, but those options are jump-starters at best, and won't help you create healthy, lasting habits.
Here's the good news: you don't need a gym, you don't need a partner, and you don't need to starve yourself.
Time stands still only in pictures and words. No one can stop it. Time is in cahoots with gravity to take hold as we age. We grow old in time, but we don't have to feel old. We can make time work for us.
If you aren't ready to jump into a workout routine, start with the basics. Just get up and move. Stretch. Take a walk. Smile. Breathe.
Don't cut out your favorite foods, especially in the beginning. Try eating more often, but in smaller portions—you know: moderation. One big factor in eating is to eat for satisfaction, not for a stuffed belly.
Sherrie Sue Fisher, author of TimerDiet, grew tired of weight fluctuations and starting new diets so she found a way to satisfy her hunger, her taste buds, and her time so that healthy habits conformed to her lifestyle, under her control.
Sherrie found time to create a healthy concept that makes time a non-issue for those who choose to make a positive change in their lives.
Don't let time take your life away. Make the most of it by taking action to be the best you.
If you struggle with meal planning, check out timerdiet.com. Whether you are cooking solo or serving your family of picky eaters, there are quick, easy, and healthy meals to help you reach and maintain your goals.

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