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Flower Power: How to Build Your Lady Muscles

There, I said it. And now let's give them something to talk about, ladies.
For starters, we should all do them, and do them often, especially if you've had children.
Kegels, or pelvic floor muscle training (PFMT), help treat and can often eliminate urinary incontinence. For those of you who don't suffer from this issue, Kegels are still for you.
Why? Because tightening and strengthening your pelvic floor muscles creates a strong pelvic floor. A strong pelvic floor sets the stage for an orgasmic experience.

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You think you have great orgasms now? Well, my lovely lady friends, I pose the following question: Why not make it even more sensational?
Perhaps your issue isn't with the exercise itself, but with not knowing how to train the muscles, and that's okay.
Here's what you do. When urinating, try to stop mid-flow. Notice the muscles you used, the contractions you made. If you couldn't stop it completely, but slowed down the flow, that is a sign that your pelvic floor needs training.
Now that you can feel the muscle contractions, you know how to practice a series of slow contractions, and then follow that set with a sprint of fast-paced contractions.
No other muscles in your body should move. You should be able to perform Kegels without anyone knowing, unless of course, your poker face reveals the blush of a deflowered school girl.
Don't be embarrassed—you are making yourself stronger. These exercises will save you from the real embarrassment of laughing, coughing, or sneezing too hard and tinkling on yourself.
If you've conquered several weeks of Kegels and still struggle with the ability to stop mid-flow, consider help. You could get a Brazilian wax—believe me; you'll tighten up in seconds. Or there's the Apex, a kinder and more titillating option. Apex is a medical device which performs Kegel exercises for its host by activating the pelvic floor muscles with gentle muscle stimulation and a functioning resistance balloon.
Think of Apex as a boot camp for your pelvic floor. When you think you can't keep contracting those muscles, the Apex is there to support you so that you can later support yourself, and avoid any involuntary urination next time someone tickles your funny bone.
Regular Kegel training also leads to enhanced arousal. So flex those muscles, perform those Kegels, and give yourself a bigger bang.
Tighten up, Ladies. No excuses. Do some now. I've been doing it this whole time.

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