Patriot Act: Kindness, empathy and compassion fuel the cause for Pets for Patriots

02/02/14 by George Arden

Spend just a few seconds on the Pets for Patriots web site, and you'll understand the definition of loyalty, dedication and determination. And we're not just talking about the pets, either.
Those adjectives only begin to describe the people behind this organization, which specializes in fulfilling the dream of toppling animal homelessness by connecting pets with military individuals and families across the globe.
The brave men and women who serve this country proudly may need the companionship and stress relief that a pet can provide, whether they're retired from active duty or have been sent home and are attempting to transition from military service to regular life.
In this instance, the pet adds a sense of regularity to the daily routine, and the playful interaction, love and support a dog or cat gives those in the military an emotional backbone to begin living life outside of the active armed forces.
At the other end of the Pets for Patriots spectrum is the organization's propensity for not only saving animals but educating the masses on just how inhumane and sad it is to watch pets spend hours, days, weeks, months and years within the confines of a less than enviable animal shelter.

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Pets for Patriots aptly recognized a need by both military men and women and pets without a home to cultivate a climate of awareness and understanding that these two groups can work together seamlessly to help one another.
It's no secret pets play a paramount role in decreasing stress, lowering high blood pressure and helping with depression. Those characteristics often run parallel with some of the issues our military men and women face upon returning home from duty
For kids, perhaps those who have moms and dad away on military leave, it helps form bonds and increase their self esteem when one or both parents are away for a substantial amount of time.
Given what Pets for Patriots is accomplishing with their undeniable tenacity for success and prevailing worth ethic to achieve maximum results for all parties involved, it's easy to rally behind this type of organization and champion what they're doing through donations.
Whether you're making a one-time contribution or you and you're entire workplace have decided to get involved to ensure the longevity and success of Pets for Patriots, the act of opting to give to this cause hardly takes much contemplation.
Pets for Patriots employs a mentality that is moving, motivating and most of all rooted in the ideology that "wet noses and whiskers" for military personnel is a win-win for all parties involved.

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