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Man Alive: How to make Valentine's Day a winner for your guy

With Valentine's Day looming, plenty of men are left scrambling for something sweet, are in the midst of planning a romantic dinner or gathering together as many red roses as they can collect.
It certainly wouldn't be out of the question for guys also to do a little gift giving for Valentine's Day. Anything from a sparkling and sensational piece of jewelry to an enthralling engagement ring would nicely fit the bill when it comes the pomp and circumstance associated with February 14.
But as men make their move to be crowned king of Valentine's Day, one question looms: what should women be getting for their guys?
Guys often are overlooked on this particular celebratory holiday of sorts, given that chocolates and flowers, traditional Valentine's Day gifts, don't exactly fit the mold for most men. That doesn't mean women can't get a little creative or heartfelt from a guy's perspective when it comes to giving a gift that shows just how much you love them.
Men aren't overly complicated when it comes to shopping for them, and most would welcome tickets to a sporting event or grooming products, with the latter being something they know they need but sometimes forget to buy or let run out without fail.

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Even the most ardent of men might forget to replace their razors or are terribly flawed in replenishing their face wash. You can always find their favorite brand, and maybe you can go above and beyond with a gift basket type offering for them on Valentine's Day.
Grooming and convenience go hand in hand at Dollar Shave Club as women can denote a certain amount on a gift card, and the company ships out razors straight to the door for around $3 per month. If you'd rather opt for something a little less rudimentary as razors, a splash of cologne might do the trick. You've probably heard mention from men about a particular fragrance they like or have worn for years, so why not keep them smelling great with a pertinent gift? Equally pragmatic of a present for Valentine's Day would be the practicality of a winter jacket they've had their eye on or a piece of technology in the form of a new smart phone, tablet or simply headphones if they're into running, workout out or just relaxing with their music in tow.
The trick is gauging what men might value most when it comes to a gift on a holiday that mostly isn't marketed as theirs to celebrate. But that doesn't mean a grandiose gesture or a shred of simplicity in the form of a gift won't show just how much they're adored and appreciated.

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