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Ditching Diabetes: How to fight off diabetes might be more than you can bite off and chew without help

As the general public turns to New Year's resolutions that focus on diet an exercise, millions of Americans must adopt that same mentality for different reasons, ones that go beyond looking luscious in a bathing suit or dropping down a few dress sizes.
The Center for Disease Control and Prevention quickly reminds us that not all New Year's resolutions are created equal, and 26 million Americans deal with diabetes on a daily basis. Those people pay close attention to their diet year round, and the only resolution that made was on the day they were officially diagnosed with the disease.
The obesity epidemic and the high volume of overweight people in the United States has fueled diabetes in recent years with plenty of new cases to report. In addition to diabetes itself, almost 80 million Americans have the onset of diabetes, aptly titled pre diabetes.
If you aren't sure you have diabetes, you may want to take a closer look at some signs or symptoms that may indicate you either have it or are flirting with the beginning stages of it.
Easy cues to pick up on as far as diabetes is concerned is persistent thirst or hunger, dark skin around your neck and arm, blurry vision or feeling tired all the time.

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Those staggering statistics are directly related to health, what we eat, how we eat and the lack of exercise in the average day.
Hope isn't lost for those who struggle with diabetes, and the outlook is potentially brighter for the group that is on the cusp of being diagnosed with full blown diabetes. The latter sector can employ a multitude of avenues to keep diabetes at bay, including clinics and research centers that take a more hands on approach.
Dr. Joseph Pinzone, an Endocrinologist, works as the CEO and director of the Amai Clinic, which works to help stave off diabetes in those who have the onset of it. Amai Clinic isn't so much interested in passing along modestly helpful advice as far as telling clients to simply exercise or eat right, but takes a more direct, distinct approach with fitness staff on site.
This employs a sense of responsibility and accountability to the people who visit the Amai Clinic, rather than simply writing them instructions on what they need to do at home or on their own time. Exercise isn't exactly the easiest task to maintain on your own, which is why so many try and fail to stick with a fitness routine within the confines of their house.
In addition to exercise, Dr. Pinzone and his staff also suggest prevention as a means to ensure you're not labeled as diabetic or even pre-diabetic. This includes something as simple as getting your blood sugar checked if you have any of the aforementioned signs or symptoms, along with completely cutting out bad habits of smoking, drinking or eating sugary foods. Your daily diet should be balanced and have a happy medium between good fats (avocados, olive oil, peanuts, salmon, etc.), along with protein and carbohydrates like sweet potatoes that break down easier in the body.
If you are one of the many who struggle with how you eat, you'd be wise to employ a dietician to help along the way. The biggest food struggle isn't so much not knowing what to eat but how to portion correctly or plan out meals accordingly, so you're not skipping breakfast and eating massive dinner as a result.
The most important aspect of controlling diabetes or ensuring that you don't even have an initial run in with it is implementing prevention tools and practicing the art of smart decision making when it comes to health, wellness, eating and exercise.
That's the kind of resolution that resonates with the masses and allows you to make the most of not only this new year but plenty for healthy and happy ones after that.

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