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Damp(age) Control: How to fix that phone or tablet when it gets soaked

That feeling of fear comes over you quickly, and you stare blindly and feel totally helpless.
You're scrambling to save what little time you have, and searching intently and feverishly for a solution to the problem at hand.
You did something really stupid: you dropped your smart phone into water.
Everyone, at least once, has experienced this mishap to some degree, whether your smart phone is totally submerged in water or you had the bright idea of listening to music in the shower and a few drops seemed through the screen.
In any event, the idea that your phone has been exposed to water isn't the end of the world, even though at that very moment it seems like it.

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So how do you fix a phone that has water damage?
One solution that seems to be touted as gospel is dropping your phone in a bag of rice after you've removed the battery. Practicing that smart phone medicine seems ironic given that your phone can tell you the weather, look up sports scores or talk to someone literally face to face but we've resorted to bagged rice as a means to fix it.
That method certainly would suffice in a pinch, and some consumers probably have experienced plenty of success in that regard. Where you may run into a bit of trouble is if your phone has water damage, and you're out for the day, driving around or simply get caught in a rainstorm.
And unless you're carrying around a bag of "to go" rice, you're most likely out of luck.
Some would argue that a waterproof case might be the way to go, and that product does wonders for cleaning up most of the mess associated with damage to your phone. The downside to those seemingly indestructible cases is the cost, which can be as much as $100. And phone insurance typically doesn't cover water damage, so that avenue isn't much of an option.
One product, BHEESTIE, puts rice and other water prevention tools on the back burner when it comes to harm to your phone. BHEESTIE is quite remarkable as a molecular beads that banish water away from your device with great success and efficiency. BHEESTIE uses those beads in conjunction with a bag that traps moisture permeating from your phone.
"BHEESTIE beads are a powerful industrial standard desiccant that has a high affinity to water molecules," said Karen Wildman, the co founder of BHEESTIE. "It pulls the water from electronics and holds onto it inside the beads, it does not release the moisture back into the environment."
With BHEESTIE, you still remove the battery and then plop your smart phone into a bag for the next few hours (or days, in some cases) to completely cure your phone and have it humming along without fail in the future.
Those bags aren't just for small electronic devices, either.
"The larger bags can fit tablets, laptops and cameras; the smaller bag is best for cell phones, music players, headphones, cameras, watches and pagers," Wildman said. "BHEESTIE was created because we had a problem of wet electronics and realized almost everyone else also has this problem."
Products like BHEESTIE or an especially powerful case takes the anxiety associated with damaging your phone due to water and puts you at ease. That doesn't mean your heart won't skip a beat when you drop it in water but rather you'll be able to breathe a little easier knowing that all hope isn't lost.

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