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Universal Equipment: How to exercise no matter your fitness level

Plenty of people make excuses why they can't exercise.
They don't have enough time.
Work is too stressful.
You're too busy with the kids' activities.
Those would certainly fall into the "excuses" category in the traditional sense, but if you've got legitimate limitations, such as medical or physical ones, as to why you can't work out or if what you're doing needs modified to a decent degree, there's hope for heading in the right fitness direction.

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Rather than adopt an attitude that your shortcoming are short changing your trips to the gym, you can modify a routine that fits exactly what you want and, ultimately, need.
One avenue is to hire a personal trainer, who can devise a workout regimen that can be tailored to any particular need. That way of thinking certainly bodes well for your eventual goal but also can be incredibly costly, with an average personal trainer charging in the neighborhood of $50-100 per hour for a session.
If you chose the route of employing a personal trainer, make sure you ask questions about their education, background and if they've had experience working with someone in your situation. Whether you're struggling as being dubbed morbidly obese or have issues with high blood pressure or diabetes, your trainer ironically must be trained to work around it.
If you're a bit strapped for cash in terms of a trainer and still need to get active, you still have some options. A gym membership might sound like too much too soon, since the majority of first time exercisers (or ones that haven't done much in years) feel uncomfortable, and you're more interested in starting slow and working up to donning the sweatpants and sneakers in a public place.
For that person, you can knock out a few calories just by adopting minor changes within the course of the day that has nothing to do with equipment, memberships or dumbbell curls.
You might want to try to park your car a little further away from the store, so that you have to walk a few extra steps to and from as you're doing your post holiday shopping. That type of universal exercise should be lauded and loved by everyone, especially if something specific is keeping you from conventional workouts.
If you're spending way too much time working, why not turn your lunch break into a long walk around the office inside or outside of the building? And use those stairs every other day and skip the elevator trips. This could pertain to the mall or the office, but still stands as a simple endeavor to lose weight and the excuses.
These types of minor adjustment might make the difference between getting you, at the very least, started down the right exercise path versus being nothing more than a bystander.

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