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Newly in the Red: Did your new nuptials nip your sound financial judgment?

Congratulations, you are "Just Married." Now, what do you two do with your money?
This question might seem relatively simple if you've married someone who shares the same financial acumen as you do. But what if your spouse isn't quite as savvy when it comes to money and considers a new wardrobe as an "investment?"
A safe game plan is to be completely honest with your would be husband and wife as far as any debt you might have, including any bankruptcy or outstanding balances. This way, once you start paying bills collectively, you'll have a better idea how to allot your cash during payday.
These types of things don't always get ironed out during the dating and engagement period, or the man or women thinks the other person's money woes will subside once they say "I Do."
In short, don't count on it.

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This beloved and blessed union is more than just matrimonial bliss but also is the coming together of two ideologies when it comes how money is saved and spent.
As far as the saving goes, the days following the wedding could be a good indicator of where the happy couple is headed and also time to take a look at how to maximize finances moving forward.
First and foremost is the money you've made thanks to the wedding itself. Chances are, even with a little help from your parents, you've spent a pretty nice chunk of change on the festivities. A smart newlywed couple would be wise to take the money they've made courtesy of the wedding and replenish those funds.
The flip side of that wise move is making it a point to spend the money haphazardly on the honeymoon, as an example. Of course, you'll need a few bucks for that trip, along with starter items like furniture or appliances, but remember to keep those products modestly priced for your first home together.
Simply put, you don't need a talking refrigerator, when a plain, old ice box will do.
One huge mistake made by the just married crowd is the "too many cooks in the kitchen" mindset. Each of you have spent your adult years taking care of your own bills, so now that you're working on them together, who pays the bills now?
Get together and determine the new money boss as far as paying bills or the consequences could easily be forgetting to pay something because you thought someone else in the household was handling it.
Doing any of those things will make your home a happier and one filled with peace of mind knowing you've got your money well managed.

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