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Day to Day Debt: Your budget needs help, and it starts today

The general perception about a budget is that it is long term planning and focuses primarily on big ticket items like having a lower car payment, buying a smaller house or completely eliminating high cost bills like cable, internet or your cell phone plan.
Those monthly charges certainly are worth more than just a second look, but some consumers tend to forget what they're spending every day and if that incidental buying is blowing up your budget.
Even the most ardent person tends to clearly map out all of his or her major expenses but forgets about ancillary purchases that happen daily and don't make it into your budgeting plans.
These expenses come in the form of anything from a daily cup of coffee from Starbucks, a bottle of Coke, cigarettes or even stopping in the morning for a bagel for breakfast each day. Perhaps you're someone who spends a lot of their time driving during the day for work, and opt to buy lunch every day instead of the traditional brown bag, even if you swear to yourself that your lunch comes with a modest price tag.
Let's say, for example, you're spending $6 a day on lunch, roughly three times a week. Add to that a $4 Starbucks coffee and a $2 bagel for breakfast each day and maybe a $5 energy drink to push you past those afternoon feelings of sluggishness.

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That's $17 per day you're spending, which adds up to roughly 50 bucks each week. Over the course of an entire year, you're spending more than $2,500 a year on things you're not necessarily account for as part of your budget.
It's easy to forget about stuff like that, simply because you don't look at them as more than just a few dollars here and there, but those charges add up quickly. Your best bet is to set aside $200 or whatever you can afford each month and label it accordingly as "daily buys" or something that you can easily remember.
You'd be surprised to find that your budgeting process is a bit askew when you do your final tally each month and realize that you should be $1,000 ahead and only are about half that as far as money in your pocket.
Perusing your budget and taking note of credit card bills, cars and homes is a prudent way to tackle your expenses. That fine tooth comb you're using to manage your finances also needs to make sure it doesn't miss a few spots, namely what you're buying on a day to day basis.

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