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Love Struck: Short on cash doesn't mean a short changed Valentine's Day

Between dinner, flowers and chocolates, your Valentine's Day budget is melting right before your eyes.
You could easily drop a few hundred dollars by the time February 14 rolls around, and if you're not exactly in the financial position to pull off a remarkably day or night of fun filled events, you can kiss what's left of your checking or savings account goodbye.
How do you manage to enjoy your Valentine's Day and managing your finances in the same breath?
Your best route to a reputable date night on Valentine's Day is to forget about expectations and simply settle for something that is equal parts romantic and practical. Far too often, you put unnecessary pressure on preparing the perfect evening and determine that you must spare no expense en route to that breathtaking celebration.
After some careful consideration and digging, you might be able to pull off a romantic dinner for two, minus the incredible cost involved. You may want to look into web sites that offer 2 for 1 dinners. If they're not interested in accepting those coupons on a special night like Valentine's Day, you can always create the magic of a restaurant in the comfort of your own kitchen for half the cost.

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That home cooked meal goes great with a, sorry guys, romantic movie that costs about 75% less than two movie tickets. No woman would turn down a showing of "When Harry Met Sally" even in the event they miss a movie in the theater.
As far as a specific gift, flowers and chocolates often take the cake as the most popular fare, but you'll earn plenty of extra cash, as well as brownie points, if you take the time to do something sentimental like make a gift or piece together a card that comes from the heart. Within the confines of that homemade card could be an old love letter or perhaps a first photo together; certainly sounds a little more appealing and awe inspiring than an overpriced teddy bear.
At the end of the day, spending time with the person you love on Valentine's Day trumps any meal, gift, sweet or flower. It's also nice to know that being a little short on cash doesn't necessarily translate into a Valentine's Day that is worth forgetting.
If anything, a little creative thinking and being devoid of cash could lead to quite the memorable day together.

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