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Cheap Safe: If you have money, chances are you pretend that you don't

So you're not exactly ready to call yourself "cheap," but you wouldn't argue with those who dub you with that supposedly less than admirable characteristic.
And you're perfectly find with that attribute.
The reason you won't squabble or quip at being called "cheap" or "thrifty" is you take it as a compliment, rather than an insult. Carrying around a mentality that makes you think twice about buying something you don't need or saving money at a record pace puts you well ahead of the consumer that resides at the completely opposite end of the spectrum.
Your ability to withstand even the most superb sale or only buy items that you deem necessary probably has afforded you a budget that is riddled with attention to detail. That's not to suggest you don't buy anything or have your money buried in coffee cans in the back yard but rather implement a lifestyle that is modest, underscored with a sense of stability and preparedness in the event you suffer a job loss or financial setback.
The latter mentality often goes missing with those who spend money just as fast as they make it. Let's say you get a new job and make double what your previously salary was; that isn't a green light to go shopping, buy a new TV, car or even a larger house. Wouldn't it make more sense to give yourself six months to a year to see how it goes?

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If the job is a bust, and you find yourself struggling with the position and thus fear for your job, having more financial responsibility at home will feel like a misstep of epic proportions. Give yourself a chance to settle in at your new job and embrace an inner cheapness that gives you a little breathing room in the interim.
Those with a financial acumen and money savvy who have been raking in a six figure income over the course of 10 or 20 years probably live well, but aren't pushing the boundaries of budgeting to the fullest extent. They buy what they can afford but not above and beyond a certain number they've set for themselves.
That sounds more like competency rather than cheap.
Equally heady and prudent is the person who has been to the depth of credit and debt debauchery and managed to pull themselves back to respectability as far as money is concerned. Calling them cheap is a bit short sighted considering that they've probably been closer to poor than well-off at least once in their life.
They're second chance at financial freedom probably leads them to manage their money much closer so as to not get themselves into another budgeting bind.
Say what you want about that mentality, call it "cheap" if you'd like, but at the end of the day, week, month or year, that so called frugal nature affords you peace of mind and prosperity that you can enjoy.

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