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GP(Less): Your navigation system, among other gadgets, could easily be replaced with extra cash

You love your electronics for a multitude of reasons, mainly because they make life that much easier.
But as time passes and technology evolves, your devices may be deemed obsolete, which puts them in a category once thought to be uncharted territory.
They're on the cusp of being eliminated, without much fanfare or even being missed.
What do these cuts ultimately mean for you? In short, you'll be able to save of a variety of gadgets that have been rendered replaceable.
Take for instance your GPS navigational system.

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It wasn't that many years ago when consumers were shelling out hundreds of dollars for devices that made traveling a breeze. Today's road warrior is equipped with something that sends GPS units on a bit of a detour: your smart phone.
Most droid and Apple smart phones specifically are equipped with the Google Maps app, which is perfectly fine for average travelers for the purpose of work or vacation, so that's more money in your pocket since you're already paying for a phone and the service.
And as long as you're lavishing praise on your smart phone or tablet, why not take that love affair even further? Your tablet is your ticket away from high cable bills, and your cell phone has already left your land line feeling lonely.
If you're paying even $10 a month for a land line, that's $10 too much. Some would argue that a land line is a superb back up plan, and that's fine for now. But it's certainly acceptable to reassess that expense and try to save yourself $120 per year.
The same can be said for that expensive HD box and your cable in general. Hulu and Netflix combined is $20 per month, compared to close to $100 for cable. That doesn't include the cable extras like modems, routers and that aforementioned box. The average cable bill tips the scales at $200, so that's a cool $2,400 per year, compared to a modest $50 per month internet service and $20 for online entertainment courtesy of Netflix and Hulu. That's a savings of around $1,500 per year when you downsize away from your outdated cable television and phone services and products.
And don't forget that iPad or AT&T smart phone probably will replace a high end, expensive digital camera as well. Again, why not use that phone and its monthly service to its fullest extent. And that includes not having to spend a few hundred dollars on a camera.
Not every gadget makes the cut and consolidation, in this instance, means more cash in your pocket.

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