Super Bore: Enjoying the big game if you have little interest

01/29/14 by Rennie Detore

Are you a fan of the Seattle Seahawks or Denver Broncos?
If the answer is a resounding "no," and the idea of watching the upcoming Super Bowl isn't exactly high on your list, you still can find some salvation in everything else that goes the big game or the subsequent party you'll be attending.
Here's hope for the non fans of the Broncos or 'Hawks:
1. Your not so favorite player falls flat on his face
You can't stand listening to Peyton Manning and all his "Omaha" audibles, right? The boisterous and controversial Richard Sherman is making you sick. Why not tune into the game and see if the player you aren't exactly a fan of falters on the grandest stage in professional football? Maybe Manning will hit the hard, cold New York City turf a few times or Sherman misses an easy interception. Those could easily be missteps that make you happy you're watching.

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2. Party distractions
This one is easy: you don't care about the game, but what about the social atmosphere and food? Certainly you can find a party to keep your interest, whether that's a slew of dill dip or parking yourself in front of the hot wings.
3. The commercials
As much as football fans salivate over the pending grudge match between the Seahawks and Broncos, the general public probably is equally interested in the Super Bowl commercials. The two week hype for the actual game often pales in comparison to the hustle and bustle of rumors and clips of Super Bowl commercials. Whether it is Arnold Schwarzenegger playing tennis or a mini "Full House" reunion, these commercials make waves in a good way. And you have to admit that you love those 30 second ads, too, and watching them as they happen make for fun television.
4. The side betting
This isn't about spending thousands on trying to determine a winner or any over/under point total or mortgaging your financial future on one sporting event but rather the quirky side or "prop" bets that go along with the game. Who's going to score the first touchdown? Who is going to be the Most Valuable Player? How many times are they going to show the Manning family on television?
5. The halftime show
This one particularly rubs football fans the wrong way, but those who congregate for the Super Bowl for other reasons make it a point to watch. The steadfast fans of the sport argue that acts like Bruno Mars don't resonate with lovers of football, but the NFL has a method to making their hardcore fans mad. The goal of the halftime show is pure genius; it draws in the casual viewer, which explains the incredible ratings the Super Bowl garners.
Often times, especially depending on the score, the game often is a backdrop for the sights, sounds and festivities that flank the Super Bowl, making the teams, the plays and the game sometimes a moot point.

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