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Cheering Section: Football's biggest game is your huge stage to score perfect party

Super Bowl XLVIII is set as the Denver Broncos square off against the Seattle Seahawks in New York in a few weeks.
Broncos' quarterback Peyton Manning is undoubtedly prepared to tackle the stingy Seahawks' defense, but one question still abounds when it comes to the upcoming Super Bowl.
Are you ready to throw a championship party on game day?
Piecing together a truly memorable Super Bowl showdown for your friends or family is more than just buying a few football themed table cloths or dumping pretzels or potato chips into a football shaped, plastic bowl.
To truly throw a memorable party, you need to have equal parts essentials, while incorporating good judgment and a few wrinkles in the game plan that no one will see coming.

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If this party includes adults and kids, it's always important to keep the kids occupied and supervised at all times. This is particularly paramount when it comes to them mulling around the television itself. Properly securing and mounting your television might sound a little bland, but injuries to kids as far as accidents that involve TVs tipping over is all too real. If you don't have a TV mount, you may want to consider one during the planning of your party; SANUS is one of the more popular ones and is universally lauded and renowned for its design and practicality.
The TV easily is the centerpiece of your party, but even the most pristine, flat screen TV won't mean much if your guests don't have enough seating or a proper view of the game. Unless your TV takes up most of your wall space, you've got to think through above and beyond putting out a few folding chairs and hoping for the best. When deciding where to position TV, make sure you consider the glare from the windows and if you're truly confident that someone won't have "the seat," the one spot in the room where you see more sunlight than Super Bowl.
From television to temptation, what about snacks that say Super Bowl versus the ones that have the look and the feel of an impromptu get together? This is the big game, the dance, the championship of all parties so whatever you do, don't go cheap with your food and drinks.
And always remember to buy more than you need, unless you don't mind ditching the game for a trip to the grocery store or local mini mart for extra food, drinks or that dreaded extra bag of ice.
The food, drinks and television are givens, but what else can you do to differentiate your party from the others? Make sure not to lose sight that the game is fun, but incredibly long. A lot of parties tend to separate from the predictable pact by doing off beat betting during the game.
What player is going to score first?
Who's going to have the first penalty?
Can you predict the halftime score?
Those questions, among other, make the game much more bearable if you're not a huge football fan and are only going to the party to try and make the most out of Super Bowl Sunday or have an interest in Bruno Mars at halftime than the other four quarters of actual play.
All of those components will score plenty of points with your guests and put your Super Bowl party into another stratosphere.

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