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Not Toying Around: Calendar barely hit 2014 but hot toy talk doesn't take vacation

The holiday season and the subsequent shopping is barely a distant memory, and talk in the toy business has already shifted to what is going to keep retailers and consumers enthralled in 2014.
The toy industry mirrors that of the computer and technology field in that those who design, create and sell these products are immediately looking for the next big, innovative item.
No sooner has one toy captivated the marketplace and is flying off the shelves, another one is already being shipped to the stores for the next season.
And so 2013 is ancient history by toy business standards, and the new year has already produced plenty of viable options that have their sights set on being the one, must have item of 2014.
Whether you're talking about prototypes or already well known organizations continuing to churn out boatloads of tantalizing toys, the business of keeping kids content, educated and exuberant is flourishing.

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LEGO is basking in their motion picture debut with the new movie, the aptly titled "LEGO Movie," which only should spur sales of the already popular kids toy. LEGO certainly knows its marketing inside and out, so you can rightfully expect them to piece together a movie based play set that undoubtedly will only add to the lure of the brand.
The famed and seemingly timeless Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise is about to release a new movie in 2014, and thus those four fun loving turtles will simultaneously hit the big screen and the store shelves with a plethora of perfectly branded toys from the upcoming movie.
As far as activity oriented toys that are tempting in 2014, you have to go all the way back to the 1980s with a blast from the past in the form of super balls. These tiny, inexpensive time consumers were beloved 20 something years ago by kids who just threw them against the wall and watched the chaos ensure.
Today's super ball is more a combination of mad science meets simplicity. That's because parents can purchase their soon to be scientists a kit that allows them to actually make their own super ball toy. From making your own toy to creating and eating your own toys, the Easy Bake Oven still is churning out mini cakes to an entirely new generation of kids.
In addition, a new edible contender has emerged: Edible Sweet Art. This vision looks like a putty, Play Doh type material that allows kids to immerse themselves in artistic creativity, and then eat whatever they make.
There's little doubt that consumers and kids alike will gobble up the Edible Sweet Art and all the aforementioned toys as soon as they become available. Given the propensity of the toy business to consistently look to the future, they won't be waiting much longer.

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