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College Bound: Transition between high school and college doesn't have to be difficult

Between being "home sick" or not having a realistic expectation of college life might be only two of many reasons why your high school senior turned college freshman is fledgling in a new role.
So what exactly makes the transition between high school and college so difficult?
It's hard to pinpoint one particular aspect or difference between the two. You could argue on the behalf of several, including the two aforementioned reasons, along with students simply not fitting in or learning to handle more responsibility than they're used to having.
It's paramount for high school seniors to really take a long, hard look at the "home sick" notion, even though the majority probably would fluff it off as being silly or taking a "won't happen to me" mindset. The fact remains is high school students realistically have never been away from home for any real, solid length of time. Their trip to Washington D.C., for history class or an all day museum escapade doesn't exactly mirror the moving away from home and living with someone else in a dorm room.
Parents must be incredibly mindful of the characteristics of their children, such as whether or not they've shown enough independence during their high school tenure to warrant a one way ticket to live on campus.

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If mom's still packing your lunch, you might not be prepared for life on your own, in addition to the workload within the classroom.
The general chain of events follows a typical high school student to parent prototype: the child wants to prove their an adult, and wants to get as far away from mom and dad as possible. What parents must truly procure is whether or not that feeling is for real or simply a fleeting statement made out of haste, angst and teenage rebellion.
Also worth noting is the entire landscape of college compared to high school as far as scheduling classes, homework or schooling in general. In high school, you don't have a lot of say in what classes you're taking. College is all about you making decisions, with the help and encouragement at times from an adviser.
The freshman who doesn't buckle under the pressure of planning their own future most likely will come out the other side unscathed. That same reasoning makes plenty of sense when it comes to time management and homework.
In high school, kids have after school time set aside by parents for homework or even that last few minutes in home room to finish up a take home quiz or project. The college experience is geared toward the student making their own study time and following through with finishing what's expected of them, without the over the shoulder, watchful eye of parents. This also includes showing up late for class or not going altogether.
That behavior is a sure fire ticket out of the university of your choosing and back home to regroup and really determine your next move.

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