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Ice Breaker: Valentine's Day wouldn't be complete without warming hearts with Ice.com

For men, Valentine's Day is a make or break occasion.
The guys who had the foresight to plan ahead probably fall into the former category and certainly are on the right path to ensuring that this February 14 will be a memorable one.
The flip side is a lack of planning, last second shopping and being stuck staring at wilted flowers, dented boxes of chocolate and jewelry store selection that is sub par at best.
Consider yourself broken.
But not all hope is lost when it comes to finding that perfect piece of jewelry, whether you're shopping for an engagement ring or just a simple set of earrings that say "I Love You." One of the downfalls of shopping within the confines of a physical department store or retailer is an inventory that is picked over and devoid of any real sense of style or current trends, but rather a litany of leftover bracelets, rings, watches and necklaces.

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That's where Ice.com turns up the heat.
Beyond superior products and reputable customer service, Ice.com shatters the stigma that buying jewelry online isn't a viable option. This online entity has been wowing consumers to the point that any trepidations or concerns about purchasing through a web site have quickly melted, leading to the emergence of Ice.com as a premiere jewelry in North America.
The success experienced by Ice.com, a jewelry staple since 1999, hasn't affected their work ethic or led to a complacent attitude about how they do business.
If anything, they've set themselves apart from their competitors, and continually drive customers to their site as a result.
"Ice tends to be a little more forward thinking than many of its competitors, sending buyers to Europe and Asia, in search of the latest trends," according to Ramon Miranda, Ecommerice and Marketing Director of Ice.com
"Generally Ice will add over 1,000 new styles a year and has added over 1,500 since August 2013."
That growth has garnered Ice.com plenty of positive marks and consistency from men and women who shop on the site but especially that group of guys who procrastinated or unwittingly left gift buying for Valentine's Day off their "to do" list.
Unquestionably, Valentine's Day is one of busier holidays for the likes of Ice.com, and the company will draw its fair share of visitors to the site who haven't the slightest idea how to buy, what to purchase or how much to spend.
Thankfully for this group, Ice.com doesn't leave them out in the cold.
The web site employs an aptly titled Valentine's Day Buyers' Guide, but Miranda also implores men not to over think the purchase and do one thing above all else: pay attention.
"When shopping for a woman (or anyone), my advice is to use your memory and to listen," Miranda says. "Try to remember what she likes, whose jewelry she has commented on, what colors work for her and, whether she is a classic dresser, casual or trendy."
And if all else fails, Ice.com is the fail safe that saves the day.
"By now you probably know what stones, cuts, clarity and size she is happiest with but if not, you can always get help from one of her closest friends, or call and one of our jewelry experts will help you," Miranda said.
Even the most ardent and organized guy might need a little direction or downright help on Valentine's Day. When you eventually find that memorable, breathtaking piece of jewelry, you'll know right away that it's the perfect fit for your significant other.
In the midst of falling in love with your buying decision and patting yourself on the back for a job well done, you should always ensure that your purchase is underscored with peace of mind knowing that all sales aren't final.
Miranda is quick to caution consumers that buying with Ice.com is a worry free proposition.
"Buy from a reputable source with a solid return policy," he states.
Ice.com fits the bill nicely in this regard; customers always have the option to exchange or return an item within 30 days, minus the fine print and additional shipping charges.
After a quick glimpse of the stunning selection and contemporary designs and popular trends put forth by Ice.com, it's hard to fathom returning anything from this reputable and renowned jeweler. They've spent the better part of 15 years positioning themselves as a pioneer in their industry, and proudly keeping men off thin ice when it comes to gift giving on special occasions.
Especially Valentine's Day.

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