FUEL FOR THOUGHT: 5 'Super' foods you can count on

02/03/14 by Chasity McLeod

Food is fuel, but often times that message is muddled when you're in the midst of a dessert binge or fast food bonanza.
Everyone is plenty guilty of forgetting that food is what makes your body tick from head to toe. Think of how you feel when you eat a cheeseburger and French fries: tired, lethargic, depressed and dejected. Conversely, the opposite happens if you're ingesting a grapefruit for breakfast or a handful of baby carrots in place of your potato chips for lunch.
Spotting a would be "super" food might be easier than you think. They live and breathe in your grocery store, but you won't find them on a fast food board or dollar menu.
It may take a little more time, patience and wherewithal to incorporate them into your diet, but you'll feel much better that you did.
So what are the best foods to make you feel better? Here goes:

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1. Blueberries

Even if you've made it a point to completely ignore anything and everything as it relates to healthy food chatter, you've undoubtedly heard that blueberries are filled with antioxidants and help boost your immune system. Plenty of blueberry advocates will tell you that they skip the cold medicine and instead revert to ingesting blueberries as part of healthy shakes to help stave off any sort of virus or infection.
2. Grapefruit

Blueberries have plenty of competition in the antioxidant department thanks to the arrival of the next best thing: grapefruit. Your immune system will shed a tear and thank you every chance it gets by ingesting a fruit that is filled with enough power and potency to do just about anything. This loveable, remarkable ruby red fruit is linked to helping prevent cancer or lowering your cholesterol. Not much more you can ask of a piece of fruit.
3. Garlic
Eating lots of garlic should come with a warning label for both good and bad reasons. The breath probably will keep plenty of friends at an arm's length, but it might be worth losing a few relationships over when you realize that garlic packs quite a punch above and beyond bad breath. Garlic unlocks the key to lower blood pressure and works to help keep your heart healthy.
4. Grapes

Grapes probably won't be on many lists, but they deserve their accolades as one of the few fruits that help you sleep. Popping a few of these at night allow you sleep soundly and feel much more rested in the morning. What's the secret? Melatonin, a sleep regulating ingredient.
5. Dark, leafy greens and spinach
Your liver likes you, but it will love you so much more if you make it a point to fill your rudimentary salads with more than just a heaping helping of iceberg lettuce. Adding dark, leafy greens to your diet directly helps detoxify your liver and allowing it to work like a well oiled machine.
And thanks to any and all of these super foods, you'll most likely be inclined to skip the fatty foods in favor of enjoying a renewed, refreshed vigor.

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