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Clean Break: Breakups aren't easy, so how do you survive being single again?

Valentine's Day often is adeptly perceived as a holiday to celebrate romance, love, unity and having a significant other to call your own.
February 14th is filled with flowers, fancy, fine dining, chocolates, stuffed animals and jewelry, but not everyone is in quite the celebratory mood.
As much as Valentine's Day reminds husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, partners and fiances about that special someone, it also can conjure up memories of a relationship that has recently ended and the notion that you're flying solo once again.
So what are the best ways to get over a breakup or divorce?
Getting over a breakup is particularly challenging this time of year, and those experiencing this painful circumstance have two options: wallow or walk a straight line forward to push past this unfortunate event.

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Those who choose the latter have the innate ability to muster up enough gumption to embrace their new found relationship status, and begin to focus on themselves and find inner strength and piece regarding who they are.
This can come in an variety of forms, whether you opt to begin working on "you" first and foremost. That could include hitting the gym and taking out your frustration on a treadmill or exercise bike.
Your friends also can play a huge role in putting you back on the map socially, whether that's something as simple as a night out with the girls or guys or just having everyone over for an impromptu party.
If the idea of lumbering around your living space doesn't sound appealing to you, then traveling might just be your ticket out of the proverbial dumps.
The arrival of Valentine's Day, more specifically the gift giving, hampers that dedication to some degree. That's when finding just the right gift becomes even more paramount, with one catch.
The gift is for you.
Above the conventional retailers, flower shops and jewelers emerges some realistic options to treat yourself to something special, even after you've ended a relationship.
Breakupgems.com shines a new light on gift giving for Valentine's Day and beyond with a unique take on jewelry: the online retailer showcases piece designed for persons who have recently experienced a breakup or divorce. The theme of the jewelry is "new beginnings."
"We cater to the growing number of people looking for meaningful ways to bring closure to their past and move forward with confidence," says Jay Ryan, co founder of the web site. "Being single after a committed relationship can also be a good time to rejuvenate yourself."
And that respite, no matter what it entails, makes a big difference between finding yourself mired in the doldrums or denoting your breakup or divorce as the first day of the rest of your life.

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