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Snowed In: Your travel plans should always include certain emergency staples

If inclement weather hits and strands you inside your car, do you have supplies to stay warm, safe and out of harm's way?
Most of the time, the thought of that happening doesn't cross your mind, but if the events a few weeks ago in Georgia taught you anything it's that this particular situation can happen whenever and, in this case, where ever.
Residents braved snowy and icy conditions, and some spent hours upon hours in their car while traffic stood still. No one, including government officials in the state of Georgia, planned accordingly for this and plenty of blame is available to go around.
In the midst of the finger pointing, there's undoubtedly more than a fair share of Georgia residents wondering exactly why they weren't prepared, too. You could argue that Georgia isn't in the business of shoveling snow or learning to prepare for life with icy roads and traffic at a standstill as a result, but you'd be surprised to find that even those who live in snow, wintry parts of the country also aren't prepared for the unexpected.
The winter has been especially robust in most of the country, aside from the unexpected snowfall in the south. Even those accustomed to treacherous roads and driving wonder aloud when they're stranded why they didn't come to this wintry party a little more prepared.

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So what exactly should you have in your car in case of this type of an emergency?
The first and most obvious answer is a blanket or something on hand to keep you warm. Take a quick peak in the trunks of 10 random cars, and you'll be lucky if you find a handful of cars equipped with some sort of fleece or heavy duty blanket should they have to spend the next 12 hours inside their car, minus the heater running.
In addition to the blanket, keeping warm also should consist gloves, hats and scarves kept within your car, particularly if you're not already wearing them. Another must is making sure you have a care package of sorts that consists of canned food, water or anything else that can be kept fresh for quite some time. Now, it's obvious that most of the general public doesn't consider cans of soup or bottled water a necessity for keeping on hand in your car, but one long, arduous and uncomfortable few hours on the side of the road will make you reconsider your opinion in that regard.
Reading stories about what happened in Georgia certainly doesn't hurt, either.
Technically speaking, your emergency kit essentially would consist of road flares, first aid kit, a flashlight or jumper cables. These items certainly come in handy for not only you but if you're inclined hopefully to help someone else who may need it.
No one can truthfully be fully prepared for what might happen while you're battling the elements but keeping the essentials at your fingertips drives home the point that peace of mind might trump all.

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