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Desk job: Build better office with infusion of fun

You've been staring at that same monitor for years, and that desk of yours still has the "Congratulations Graduate" sticker in the top right corner you put there when you finished college.
Maybe it's time to give your outdated office a much needed makeover.
When you think about overhauling a particular part of your life, your office hardly makes it into the top 10 list. You tend to think more about eating healthy, exercising more, changing your hairstyle or investing in a new wardrobe.
But if your office isn't infused with a sense of style or purpose, you probably find yourself struggling to stay focused or even get excited about anything as far as your day to day routine. The roadblock most optimistic office gurus run into when it comes to redecorating their workspace is stingy and stubborn managers or supervisors that cramp your style or consider florescent Post It notes a distraction.
Company policy notwithstanding, a few antiquated rules or regulations straight from another time period don't have to put a premature end to reworking your workspace to the point that you feel more relaxed, comfortable and motivated again.

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You might want to consider implementing an office theme, such turning your space into a sports haven or your own home away from home game room. Now, that doesn't mean you should be playing PlayStation or Xbox while on the clock, but how about a few autographed pictures on the walls or even some sports themed stationary. It may not sound like much, but you'd be surprised how the "fun" factor changes the landscape of your demeanor and helps you find focus. Even adding a colorful portrait will paint a much happier picture for you at the office.
Let's say your office feels a little cramped or you're boxed in by annoying dividers or the always annoying "cubicle." It wouldn't hurt to take stock of what's in your office and ask if those row of filing cabinets that have nothing to do with your job can be moved.
You'd surprised to find out that most office managers or reasonable human resources personnel won't have a problem helping you in this regard. Don't be afraid to toss or shred paperwork or other items you simply haven't used in forever or no longer need to perform your job.
The newly found open space could lead to an open mind on your part that your job just might not be as bad as originally thought.
You spend an inordinate amount of time at work, so why would you want to painfully persist in an atmosphere that warrants woe rather than wonder.

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