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Makeup or breakup: Your makeup may be doing more harm than good

Is it time to say goodbye for good to your makeup?
That collective "gasp" you're hearing probably is women around the world holding their breath and waiting not so patiently upon hearing that your makeup may be doing more bad than good when it comes to overall health and wellness.
This isn't to suggest that all makeup is unspeakably scary, toxic and could lead to larger scale issues in the future, but rather the proverbial wake up call for women to really take a long, hard look at their lipstick, lip gloss or anything else they put on their face or lips that can be absorbed easily through the skin.
It's common knowledge that lipstick continues lead, and recent studies have suggested that that same lipstick or lip gloss, at least some brands, contain aluminum and other metals that, over time, could lead to anything from nervous system issues to stomach problems and tumors.
Suddenly that lip gloss has lost a bit of its luster.

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An easy fix is to simply pay attention to what your buying, check labels and ask questions as far as ingredients in a particular product. Saying goodbye to a brand or item you've used for years might be a bit hard initially, but after perusing and fully understanding just how negatively potent they can be, breaking up might be easier to do than you originally thought.
Finding a new company or brand to replace the one you're currently using, however, could be a little tougher than originally thought. Information released by the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) reported that half of the 73 national and international brands of popular cosmetics contain levels of toxic metals.
Those staggering numbers only coming to light now might not sit well with long time customers and consumers who have used these and other similar products for most of their life.
John Salerno is Director of the Salerno Center and has had nearly 30 years of experience in this field, and offers an aptly titled "Metal Detoxification" therapy to help reverse this growing trend. He's also an established and renowned author who is adept at informing his clients which toxins are found where, how to buy safely or remove toxins out of the body and skin altogether.
That service provided by Salerno is invaluable to consumers who have used questionable makeup and has, at the very least, cultivated a sense of sanity in knowing that there's options available to combat this issue.
Moving forward, only the ardent and focused actions of customers can push back against makeup and the components of it that make it more dangerous than it needs to be.

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