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Fit to be tried: Don't be afraid to take exercise show on the road

Do you ever get tired of your exercise routine?
Of course you do. You wouldn't be human if you hit the gym and didn't get a little bored with the same treadmill, weights, cool down protocol every single day.
Any fitness professional or personal trainer will tell you that variety spliced into a sub par or rudimentary workout can make all the difference between success and failure when it comes to your fitness regimen.
If you're one to throw the proverbial monkey wrench into your plan of attack at the gym, you'll find that your results will come easier, no matter what your desired look is. Lifting heavy weights five days per week will add muscle, but sooner or later the dreaded fitness plateau rears its ugly head, and you're exercising your body and futility at the same time.
Battling the urge to break away from what you know when it comes to exercise often can be quite the battle. Maybe it's time you take this fight outside.

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Often underrated and equally underutilized when it comes to an enviable and worthwhile fitness excursion is the great outdoors, taking everything nature has to offer and turning into your own wide open and personal exercise space.
This idea goes beyond just running through a park or stopping at a fountain and banging out a few push ups en route to getting back to your parked car.
Take that same approach and hit the ground running literally by adding to that run or walk with something as simple as stopping to do 15-20 jumping jacks or using your surroundings to the best of your fitness ability.
That could mean something along the lines of finding a jungle gym in a park and doing a few pullups, chin ups or dips if the height of the apparatus allows for it. Even a simple park bench can be used for sit ups or standing pushups.
And as long as your using that playground for fitness, why not do something totally crazy? Play. That doesn't mean shoulder blocking and pushing kids aside but maybe you can make those monkey bars work for you, too.
Breaking out of that fitness box is more than just adding another set of bicep curls or leg presses to your workout at a local gym, and should consist of literally leaving the four walls behind for enough open space to keep you enthralled with your exercise for quite some time.

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