Signs its time to say so long to a Facebook friend

02/08/14 by Rennie Detore

Facebook fuels quite the love versus hate relationship.
One one hand, you're incredibly thankful that a social media site is superbly adept at allowing you to keep in touch with friends and family, regardless of whether they live next door or hundreds of miles away.
Plenty of Facebook posts also are filled with worthwhile information that can easily be deemed useful, such as recipes, household hints or repair tips that might make life a little easier for you. And, of course, who doesn't want to know what their favorite famous person is up to, and attempt to live vicariously through their enviable lifestyle.
The flip side to Facebook is one littered with the silly and inane. You expect that type of behavior from celebrities or those within the media, but certainly not the people you fall "friends" both personally and within the confines of Facebook, right?

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If you spend the majority of your time on Facebook reading posts that put you in a mood that is anything but jovial, you may need to take stock of your so called list of friends and find some new ones. From the pedestrian declarations by those in your inner online social media circle to a plethora of pictures of pets overly dressed or dolled up, you're at your wits end.
When is it time to start hitting the "delete" button? Here's how you know it's time to find new Facebook friends who don't annoy you with every log in.
1. The day to day activities post
Taking the family to a pumpkin patch or heading out to cut down your own Christmas Tree is cute and adorable. Telling the world that you just saved $3 on a case of Diet Pepsi or just hit the gym to work on your legs isn't exactly the kind of breaking news everyone needs to know. Those Facebook friends who feel they have to share every nook of their existence with you via social media have got to go for good. No one, not even people who call you friends and especially acquaintances, care that today is your grocery shopping day or you've decided to give up red meat. Those types of quirky facts need to be said using only your "inside" voice.
2. Over sharing events and feelings
This falls under the "uncomfortable category," and usually is accompanied by an odd, inappropriate photo or something remarkably personal or private for all to see. Sharing your baby's first steps or their trials and tribulations of potty training should be kept within the family and isn't worthy of a Facebook post and especially not a picture. It's totally acceptable and understandable that moms and dads revel in any accomplishment achieved by their kids, but let's use good judgment. Hitting the winning home run: yes. First time spitting up on dad's shoulder: no.
As far as your inner being, keep it where it originated. Telling everyone that you're searching for yourself or are ravaged by emotional shouldn't be shouted off the proverbial rooftop. If a break up, news or a life changing event rocked you to your core, maybe it's too personal for social media. Pick and choose the close friends you want to share with and do something novel: call them.
3. Shameless self promotion
So this one isn't so much directed at the penchant for businesses to inform followers and clients alike about promotions, sales or special events. Facebook is a modern day advertising marvel as far as saving companies serious cash in lieu of piecing together a marketing budget in the thousands. That said, Facebook turns into the obligatory 15 minutes of fame rather quickly when you read about "just ran by 15th marathon; I rock" posts. Congratulations certainly are in order but not everyone is a exercise phenom and the tone of the message really sets the mood on how it will be interpreted. Like if you make it a point to tell the world you're at a fancy restaurant and then take a picture of your plate, that's a dead giveaway that you're bragging gratuitously. What you're basically saying is look at how small the portions are and how large the bill is going to be; aren't you jealous? You're feeble attempt at garnering attention is thinly veiled, and no one is buying the sincerity of your sentiment.
The beauty and downfall of social media is that literally anyone and everyone can have a voice. That expression isn't so much the issue at hand but rather what exactly you're choosing to share. Anyone with a computer and a distinct user name and password can flippantly fire off any particular sentiment. Those who think before they speak and actually have something worthy to say are the ones worth listening to.

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