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Bait and switch: Everyone loves vacations just not the underhanded tactics

No one wants to get caught up in a scam.
Just ask the Target faithful who are fighting to reclaim their identity and probably will rethink next year's holiday purchase before they whip out that little, red card with the bull's eye on it.
One that is especially frustrating is booking a hotel that looks amazing online, only to find that once you arrive you've been hooked into paying four star rates for a one star dud.
It's incredible what a savvy, snake like marketing manager can do with a few lessons in Photoshop when it comes to transforming a terrible motel into something that comes across in pictures as pristine.
That crystal clear pool water looks more like a neighborhood duck pond, and you're feeling silly that you didn't bother to read the customer reviews on a reputable web site beforehand.

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An equally dumb vacation move perpetrated by plenty of consumers is buying into various clubs or membership based vacation sites that promise you the world and rarely deliver the goods. These fly by night charlatan typically can't back up their claims of giving customers the best deal in town, mostly because they already have your money.
Why would they bother to work to find you a sweetheart deal when you've already given them money?
The entire premise of a travel club is about as outdated as a travel agency. The internet and subsequent travel sites have give us a wealth of knowledge and resources to book our own trip, find a great room rate and a car rental company just itching to give you a stellar price.
The only help you'll need is advice on how to spot a travel club a mile away.
You'll also always want to be certain to refrain from using your debit card while traveling, given the propensity of identity theft experts to steal information and compromise accounts. Your debit card is linked directly to your money, and once that gets hacked into, you could be out immediate funds you'll need to pay bills or buy groceries. At least your credit card isn't linked back to money you have on hand but rather would be capital that can be recovered without ruining your day to day routine.
Falling victim to scam is especially disheartening when it comes to planning and eventually taking a vacation. As much as you'd like the vacation from start to finish to execute to perfection, you're bound to hit a few bumps in the road.
Only when it comes to certain bait and switch tactics or outright scams, they feel more like potholes as part of this particular trip.

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