Four Signs Its Time To Switch Careers

02/15/14 by Jackie Russo

You're not exactly thrilled with your job but you don't mind it, either.
Going to work isn't so much a chore but there's plenty of other things you'd rather be doing.
That feeling that has come over you like a complacent shroud is called employment purgatory, and it's the first sign that you need a career change sooner than later.
You spend a little less than half your life at work, which begs a very important question: Shouldn't you at least enjoy what you do?
Granted, every job has its peaks and valleys, but overall the former should outweigh the latter.

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Want to know when it's time to jump ship and find another line of work; here's a few hints.

1. The Little Things
It's one thing to be bored or uninterested in your job, but if you're having trouble motivating yourself to do even the basic, day to day activities that are defined in your job description then that's a sure fire sign that you have worn out your welcome at your current position.
2. No Advancement
The idea that you can't go any further than your current title is reason to fall into a marvelous malaise at the office. A big part of a job is the idea that a better job is possible or quite likely as you put your time in and, of course, do a great job. If you've been the model employee for years and management is filling your mailbox with empty promises and little upside, then you're best bet is heading for the door, because your talents aren't truly being appreciated.
3. Resentment or Anger
This is a unique sentiment in that you find yourself not being able to be happy for your fellow employee when they do well: closing a new client or hitting a sales quota, for example. If you find yourself fuming more often than not, that probably means you're either taking the rigor of the workplace a little too seriously or you're simply not happy with what you're doing. A lack of contentment breeds contempt for not only your employer but also your fellow co workers. The last thing you want to do is start burning bridges and inner office friendships simply because you've been miscast in your current role or employer.
4. Relationship with Supervisor
Let's say you've dropped the ball on a few presentations, and can't seem to, in the eyes of your boss or supervisor, get back on track or do anything right recently. Your relationship with your boss is one that needs to be at least serviceable, and if it's heading south quickly, you should too. Do you really want to have awkward, passing glances with your boss in the hopes that he or she looks up affirmatively? Didn't think so.
Switching careers is hardly an undertaking that should be looked upon lightly. This is your livelihood and how you provide for yourself or your family, so any decision deserve ample consideration. But plodding along aimlessly or pushing through every painstaking day, week or month is hardly a happy medium.

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