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Anti Social: How to soothe Valentine's Day plight with perfect movie

Not everyone has love on the brain when it comes to Valentine's Day.
No shopping for red roses, no making dinner reservations or carefully selecting that perfect, pristine gift that will make their significant weak in the knees.
And, there certainly not thinking about the ideal romantic movie to watch, the one that has the lead characters meet, break up and then fall back in love before the two hour feature concludes.
If your Valentine's Day this year is rife with sadness due to a recent breakup or love lost, there's no rules against finding the absolute antithesis of those aforementioned sappy, heartfelt dramatic tales and plopping down in front of the couch to enjoy a movie that exudes how you're feeling: love stinks.
That may be a hard pill for lovebirds to swallow on February 14, but realistically not everyone is swimming in boxes of chocolates and diamond rings when it comes to Valentine's Day.

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For that group, a little cinema that doesn't necessarily have man and women live happily ever after might be just the type of empathy you need from your theater on this holiday.
One of the more recent movies that fills the void nicely is "The Break Up," released eight years ago with Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston. The characters fight, bicker, attempt to get back together and end up selling off their home and going their separate ways by movie's end. Of course, Hollywood lets you believe, based on the very last scene, that there's always a chance they can renew their relationship, but the viewers have to assume that may happen.
Aniston and Vaughn spend the majority of the movie bickering at one another, searching out love advice from friends and co workers, and never really can romantically reconnect throughout the entire film, which might sound familiar to someone who would be inclined to watch this particular movie on Valentine's Day.
For guys in the midst of a their own real life break up on Valentine's Day, you might decide to go far off the grid when it comes to your movie of choice that evening. Getting together with your buddies probably won't include watching "Runaway Bride," but who says you can't fill your broken heart with broken bodies with the likes of "Die Hard," "Terminator" or "300." These movies reside on the opposite end of how you're feeling at this very moment, and watching the wreckage put forth by these action packed movies might be just what you need to forget that you're alone on Valentine's Day.
From the cantankerous, catty fighting in films to the outright carnage or blood thirsty cinema, movies can make a huge difference between soaking up the sadness of yet another romantic holiday alone or filling the void of the day with mindless entertainment that distracts from you feeling distraught on Valentine's Day.

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