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Phone home: Dust off that old flip phone and feel better instantly

Remember your first flip phone?
There likely was a time when that phone felt like it was the latest and greatest piece of equipment you'd ever own. You marveled at such functions as a tip calculator and the ability to play solitaire or migrate through a handful of internet sites.
Standing side by side with today's smart phones, your old flip phone probably looks and feels more like a door stop and less like a technological advancement. But that's just the way electronics, appliances or any other gadget goes, whether you're talking about software for a computer or how your GPS became voice activated and layered versus the simple art of printing out Mapquest directions.
Those types of products and services evolve over time, and that's undoubtedly a good thing. You'd be hard pressed to find anyone who isn't enamored with their phone, tablet or hunting and fishing sonar equipment that leads them directly to today's fresh kill or catch, respectively.
If you still embrace the idea of having a flip phone and seriously aren't rushing to your nearest cell phone provider to upgrade, that's perfectly acceptable. Granted, you might seem a bit out of place in some settings, but there's still plenty of positives to go along with your archaic, albeit prudent, piece of technology.

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Today's cell phone is so multifunctional that it's hard not to use it ad nauseam throughout the day, whether you're updating Facebook, checking Twitter, following the weather or piecing together tonight's dinner during your lunch break.
The result of having that type of information at your fingertips is remarkable, but equally frustrating when your battery dies in mid text. The flip phone probably can go days without a recharge, thanks to its being primarily used as a phone and nothing more.
The flip phone and its limitations might be frowned upon, but a closer look reveals your antiquated phone is teaching you how to use your time wisely and not mindlessly use your phone for hours. Checking for school closing or finding out which restaurant has the shortest wait time for dinner thanks to an app are examples of a smart phone at its most intelligent. If you have been on your phone from sun up to sun down and don't even remember accomplishing much of anything, that's the dumb seeping through your smart phone.
You'll probably hear at least a handful of people that have said so long to their smart phones in favor of the trusty flip ones for the simple fact that they're wasting too much time. And by ditching that phone, you'll also have extra money in your pocket, since you won't be carrying around your heavy duty data plan.
Naturally, common sense when it comes to flip vs. smart phones takes precedent. If you're a traveling account manager and need access to email all day, every day, then the smart phone wins hands down. But unless the situation calls for it, you might want to break out that retro flip phone for an encore performance.

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