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Personal Business: Your job prospects perk up with your own web site

Finding the perfect job seemingly follows a familiar itinerary.
Search. Apply. Interview. Call. Await the decision.
But in the midst of making the claim that you're the best person for the job and piecing together a cover letter, resume and in person sales pitch for a particular job, you may want to consider throwing a variable into your job hunting equation: a personal web site.
The thought of creating an online hub of sorts that promotes just how wonderful you are when it comes to a job might seem a little pretentious. Beyond on the self promotion lies a world of good if you think about how today's employers go about searching out their would be employees.
A good portion of human resource and hiring managers and those who dabble exclusively in personnel will tell you that sifting through cover letters and resumes is paramount, but they'll also admit candidly that they'll be apt to throw your name into a search engine and see what pops up.

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That's why you'll always hear such suggestions as keeping your social media sites devoid of anything that could conceivably hinder your chances to get hired. Amidst searching your name, employers also would be pleasantly surprised to stumble across a personal web site that you've created.
This action by the applicant suggests to employers that you're serious and passionate about your career and subsequent objectives, along with adding a new dimension to a resume and cover letter that arguably can be described as passe or antiquated.
That's not to suggest that the resume and cover letter won't shed enough light on your qualifications to prove that you're the right person for the job, but imagine an employer finding a well designed, simple and effective web site that touts everything you do well and adds another dimension to it.
As much as a web site made personally to drive your career goals can help you, it also can be a hindrance. The negatives include poor grammar, misspelled words or a web site that is designed poorly or tries to hard.
No one, especially an employer, wants to see a campy video montage or overdone flash player footage. It's important to stay simplistic in the presentation of your skills, abilities and career history.
If you aren't adept at building a web site or are concerned you can't handle that task alone, you still have plenty of options. For instance, Strikingly.com has devised a seamless plan that allows anyone with a LinkedIn account to take that and construct a web site to boost your career. Using that medium might allow you to spend more time on what to write or showcase, as opposed to the ins and outs of the design aspect.
Taking a detour in the job search and including a personalized web site might mean a few more man hours, but that's time well spent when it comes to securing the ideal job.

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