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Move doubt: With work behind them, retirees regroup and hit the road

You've pushed your last pencil and punched out for the very last time.
You've finally reached the milestone known as retirement, and you're financially stable and those 40 hours or more you've been putting in have transformed into free time.
So, now what?
Before you begin looking ahead, it's important to revel in what you have already accomplished.
Retirement ranks as the culmination of years of hard work that have now ended, leaving you with plenty of free time and options as to what's next on your post work agenda. Plenty of new retirees revel in not having to get up and go to work any more, and set their sights much higher than lounging upstairs in bed or creating a spot on the couch just for them.

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A huge plus now that you no longer have a job or the responsibility of heading off to work every day, some retirees are inclined to pack up and head for greener, and undoubtedly warmer, pastures.
So where exactly is the best place to retire?
That question is incredibly objective, and obviously depends on a person's perspective as to what they seem tranquil, enjoyable and relaxing. If you're already living in a warmer climate, you may want to stay put and enjoy the sunshine from a completely different perspective. The opposite end of that would be senior spectrum is currently enduring worrisome winters and tempestuous temperatures and deciding to leave not only your job but that setting and scenery behind as well.
In addition to the weather, retirees don't see putting their job behind them as a means to let their golden years fall by the wayside. Most probably want to enjoy some modicum of activity, and most relocate predicated on simply wanting a change of scenery or varying sights that they haven't already enjoyed countless times.
A state like Vermont might be just what the post job doctor ordered, and the city of Burlington boasts all kinds of activities and scenery that would allow anyone to fall in love with every aspect of it. Vermont loves its eclectic blend of winter and summer activities, along with plenty of terrain for biking so you can trade in your casual business dress shoes or work boots for a pair of perfect sneakers.
Moving from north to south and west, cities such as Athens and Napa, respectively, resonate with recent retirees for a number of reasons. Athens isn't too far from Atlanta, a classic bustling city that boasts plenty of famous spots, fantastic food and culture. And let's not forget another huge, redeeming quality of Athens or Atlanta: the golf.
Recently retired men, women or both are always inclined to take up a sport or hobby of sorts that promotes activity, mental prosperity and resides as something couples can enjoy together. Golf wins that comparison by landslide, and choosing to move somewhere on or near a golf course is hardly a stretch for those who have just retired.
As far as Napa, there's one huge selling point as a retirement destination: wine. What better place to forget about the 9-5 work days or bosses telling you what to do and how to do than a place that is dripping with one glass of wine after another. Napa not only is wine country but also showcases plenty of succulent spots to eat.
Retirees certainly have plenty to chew on now that most of what kept them busy for the last 20 or 30 years no longer applies. But retiring hardly is grounds for giving up or drifting off into the seniority sunset with little or no means of motivation to continue living life to the fullest. Finding a new residence ranks as a renowned first step in that process.

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