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Leather goods: Is it time to upgrade your outdated jacket?

Are you still rocking that blue jean jacket from the 80s?
Maybe you're still proudly displaying that your still a member in a Member's Only club of coats?
Has you pea coat seen better days?
Any or all of those questions might pertain to you, and if so you'd be wise to considering an upgrade to something a little more stylish even as winter slowly but surely comes to a close. Buying a new jacket, even if you're thinking something lighter for the spring, never is a bad idea, particularly if you're coat and stubborn ego need checked at the door.
If you're out and about, and you don't see anyone else wearing a jacket similar to yours, there's probably a good reason for that. It's out of style, and so are you.

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Now what?
In this instance, it's easy for men to sway on the side of being too frugal when it comes to their outerwear, choosing practicality over a much needed upgrade. The idea that thinking there is nothing wrong with your jacket because it keeps you warm or does its job just fine is inane. Do you really want to be that guy, the one who shows up at a get together or party and looks terribly out of place?
Maybe the person checking the coats will do yourself a favor and instead of laying on the bed or hanging it up, they'll chuck it once and for all.
But you can't depend on someone else to take this fateful step for you. It's ultimately your call to say so long to the leather motorcycle jacket if you've never actually been on a motorcycle. That type of coat needs to say you're on your way to Sturgis, not to your dentist appointment.
And if you aren't sure where Sturgis is located, then you really need to say so long to that leather jacket.
Furthermore, your warm up windbreaker or athletic jacket goes great with some activity that doesn't include wing eating contest, and unless you're skiing for the next two days, you can loose the oversized, overblown parka winter coat. The winter coat works if you can a size that actually fits; and, loose the lift tickets attached to the zipper. No one, other than you, wants to know about your high school skiing trip from 1996.
Leather jackets still reside as some of the more fashionable choices when it comes to coats, but you should select something that is equal parts conservative and flashy, but without leaning toward the extreme. That look should be saved for the rich and famous or the rockers that seemingly never age.
You are getting older, and that's perfectly fine. Just make sure you, and your leather jacket or winter outerwear, age equally gracefully.

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