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Socially acceptable: Why we love and hate social media in same breath

For every inane Facebook post or Twitter rant that goes nowhere from a nobody, social media find salvation in all the things it does right.
The positives when it comes to social media as a whole often get overlooked thanks to the majority of those who use the medium to tout how much they saved on a case of Diet Coke at the grocery store this week or constantly bemoan about their relationships or can't help but share every moment or move they make, no matter how inconsequential or intimate it might be.
Baby's first steps (among other firsts) belong in a photo album, not online, and the only person who should truly care about your relationship status is, well, you.
But beyond the nauseating, inept and downright delirious nature that social media often is associated with, it also showcases its fare of redeeming qualities between the practical and the potent.
The statistics suggest that social media has become the most popular and arguably the most effective form of communication beyond your posting a grocery list or videos of cats talking like people. Businesses, no matter how large or small, use Twitter and Facebook to promote their business, increase their revenues and save plenty of money on marketing budgets across the board. Businesses can grow their brand and communicate with customers that go above and beyond the typical across the counter interaction that is remarkably passe.

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And forget about those expensive and ineffective newspaper ads or television commercials when promoting your business. Owners and CEOs alike have taken to social media since it's free and much more effective, given the number of people who use this source more than actually read a newspaper or don't fast forward or ignore ads on TV.
From business owners to individuals looking to save a few dollars themselves, Pinterest positions social media in a positive light by providing plenty of at home, do it yourself tips that save the masses more than just a modicum of time and money on various projects.
Whether you're dabbling in the kitchen and trying to nail down the perfect party recipe or having to decide just how you'd like to rearrange that newly remodeled office space, Pinterest plays the perfect role as helper no matter what task is on the horizon.
Probably the most glistening aspect of social media is the notion that you can connect with friends and families that you don't see every day. Keeping tabs on what matters most, even if you can't be there in person, makes social media a revolutionary and renowned form of interacting that is priceless.
How you spend you time using social media, however, will determine whether you're actually using it to its fullest ability and for the reasons that deem it worthwhile.

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