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Fade to black: Can camcorders make a comeback?

Are camcorders still considered a realistic and sensible purchase?
That question probably runs rampant through your thoughts when you're walking through any Best Buy, Target, Wal Mart or any retailers that deals in electronics.
Those stores feature plenty of sections throughout that are bustling with consumers who are clamoring for the latest flat screen TV, high powered laptop or that washer and dryer set that saves you plenty on your electric and water bills.
And, of course, the most popular spot in the entire store: cell phones and tablets.
These devices make life abundantly easier, and showcases features that make you question why you already own separate devices for taking pictures or videos and, more importantly, if you'll ever use a camera or camcorder again.

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The spot in the store that features camcorders specifically looks plenty lonely and relatively sad, when you see the lack of interest or lines of people waiting to grab one. You almost always here the words "latest and greatest technology" or "next generation" linked to cell phones, tablets or computers, but rarely does anyone talk about camcorders like they're anything more than relics from the 1980s or 1990s.
And that lack of chatter seems particularly founded when you consider how inconsequential the camcorder is, for the most part. Why would a consumer spend hundreds of dollars on a cell phone, then even more money on a tablet with the intention to go deeper into their pockets for a camcorder? That is hardly what you'd call savvy shopping.
The camcorder has transformed from first rate technology to a specific item for even more specific people and occasions. The camcorder is no longer considered the norm but rather a niche item, one that is purchased by someone who isn't content with the cell phone or tablet acting as your electronic everything.
Videos of the kids playing sports, participating in recitals or taking their first steps could be captured easily on a cell phone or tablet, but some parents might opt for a little more in the way of options when it comes to creating video. The camcorder brings to the table more variety and features than a cell phone could, but that's hardly just cause to start a spending spree in that regard.
The camcorder, in a sense, is being reserved for diehard, parents who double as would be aspiring directors when it comes to their children or professionals in a given field that need the type of advanced shooting and editing features a camcorder would provide.
Aside from that, these video recording devices hardly would be considered universally accepted anymore, and the continued advancement of cell phones and tablets could signal the end of camcorders for good.

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