Top 3 kitchen appliances you'll likely never need

02/28/14 by Chasity McLeod

Who doesn't love a kitchen appliance that makes life easier?
From the blender to the microwave, your kitchen counter top is littered with little gadgets that help spare you any extra time making, baking or preparing food.
If your fast paced, time sensitive daily routine, along with cell phones and tablets for starters, has taught you anything it's that you truly value what helps you get through the day unscathed and with as much simplicity as possible.
Why should you kitchen be any different?
But much like any topic or piece of technology, your kitchen also houses a haven of hapless, hopeless devices and products that sounded a lot more enticing at first. Once it came to the actual usage and incorporation of these items, you found yourself incredibly disappointed.

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These items certainly don't stand toe to toe with your microwave or coffee pot and probably would have been better off left on the shelves.
1. Juicer (unless you actually use it): Before you raise your hand in appreciation of what your power juice or juice extracting machine has done to improve your life, you must first assume initially that you are going to use it. If you're a straight from the carton kind of consumer, but have heard wonderful things about juicing and would like to go down that road, step cautiously. Juicing is fantastic, healthy and empowers you to draw extra energy at every turn, but that's provided it actually gets turned on; otherwise, it's about a hundred bucks of dead counter space. Juicing can be a lot of cutting and thawing of fruit and clean up in some cases, much more than you might want from your relationship with juice. Twisting the cap off an Ocean Spray bottle might be more your speed, so think about that before you run out and buy a juicer.

2. Sandwich press or griddle: Who doesn't love a perfectly toasted sandwich or fresh eggs and hot cakes off the griddle? That all sounds lovely and remarkably filling when it comes to breakfast and lunch, but the griddle is a beastly piece of equipment that might be more cumbersome than convenient in most kitchens. The sandwich press or grill doesn't have to be quite as monstrous as your griddle, but ask yourself if how many times you'll actually take this device out and use it. After careful consideration, you may decide that you're perfectly fine with your pan and spatula and can live consciously and perfectly well knowing those perfectly positioned grill marks are overrated.
3. Food Dehydrator: The food dehydrator might be the prototype kitchen gadget as far as believing in your heart that you need it, but eventually figuring out that it was a huge misstep when building the perfect kitchen counter top. Who didn't love the television commercial that showed just how fun it would be to stock up on dried apricots and beef jerky for years to come? That dazzling display of dehydrating doesn't quite live up to the hype once this bulky behemoth of a machine hit your front door in a box the size of a small refrigerator. Between the size and prep time that often goes into making the food dehydrator a fantastic machine, you felt just as depleted, exhausted and shriveled up as that banana chip you've been slaving over for the last few hours.
Between savvy marketing and the magic of television infomercial, you shouldn't feel duped or dumb founded as to why you bought these products in the hopes that you'd be using them for years to come. Regardless if you're talking about kitchen utensils, makes and models of cars or the next generation of cell phones, not every product is a slam dunk.
In some cases, like the aforementioned kitchen ones, they're the retail version of the air ball.

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