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Make(over) or break: How to spruce up house minus the help

For some, the idea of decorating their new home or sprucing up a space inside their apartment or townhouse sounds equal parts tedious and daunting. Not everyone has an eye for color or style, and those who struggle to match an end table with an accent rug probably can't fathom finding enough inner interior design fortitude for an entire house.
Add to that one other major aspect of altering your home from demur to daring: money. Redoing your dining room, living room and a few bedrooms could cost a pretty penny, but only if you haven't thought the entire process through and are looking more at the big picture, instead of focusing on fixing a few minor things that could easily make a huge difference.
So how can you resign your home if you're not exactly an expert in the field?
For example, you can forgo the expensive museum quality wall art in favor of a few displaced plates on the wall. That look would be a sensational upgrade to any living space or family room in favor of saying so long to the stuffed animal on the wall or the tiresome candles scattered aimlessly across your fireplace mantle.
You may also have various rooms in your house that are littered with frames and photos without any rhyme or reason to them. That isn't uncommon but often can go from one or two sincere, sentimental pictures to a group of them tucked away in an office simply collecting dust.

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Don't be afraid to pick a few of your favorite pictures and turn them from standard to sensational with any number of computer programs that can turn them into black and white or give them a distinct hue that is hard to pass up. And if you're thinking of hanging those photos, group them together (just like your plates), in a straight line three across and another three directly underneath or some other pattern that strike a chord with you.
One of the easiest and less expensive ways to take any room in your house to the next level design wise is to buy new, colorful lampshades. Nothing says bland quite like that white, eggshell lampshade. Why not take a minute to match some paint and lampshades to tie together any room perfectly?
Even something that trivial can transform a tired look into something terrific. Brighten up your guest room with some powder blue paint and a black and white theme with your bedding and furniture. And that boring, old black lampshade could use an infusion of polka dots that meld black, white and blue in one fell swoop.
These tiny tips loom large as easy, inexpensive ways to have the home d├ęcor you want, without the long hours, hard work and empty wallet.

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