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Final countdown: Losing those last few pounds proves daunting

It's been nearly two months since you embarked on that weight loss journey this new year, and one pertinent question abounds.
How are you doing so far?
Most of the New Year's Resolution crowd, sadly, has already thrown in their gym towel and decided to embrace a common phrase when it comes to exercise: "there's always next year." But perhaps you're still going strong, and you have resigned yourself to the fact that 2015 is going to be your year, and still have plenty to prove with your exercise regimen in 2014.
You're already started losing weight, dropped a few dress or pants sizes and have visions of you at the beach wearing your favorite bathing suit without any qualms, but there's only one thing holding you back from achieving all you set out to this winter.
The dreaded, last 10 pounds.

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After months of exercise, no matter how diligent and prompt you might be with your workouts, you probably find yourself hitting that famed and frustrating exercise plateau. You're only about 10 pounds away from your goal weight, but nothing seems to be budging that scale much lower, even though you've remained on track with your exercise and intact with how you've been eating.
This isn't uncommon when it comes to exercise, since most of the pounds you probably dropped came within the first few weeks of beginning a program, especially if it has been a while since you worked out. Any type of physical activity will result in weight dropping fast within a short amount of time; some would refer to it as "water weight."
Soon, however, your weight loss hits the wall, and you're no longer losing weight as rapidly. You have to ask yourself a few questions before you can truly assess what's happening.
Are you keeping up the same workout plan and schedule as you were in at the start of your training?
Did you let your diet and what you eat slip a little bit?
Have you changed your workout at all since you started?
The first two queries can cut short any progress you might be having relatively fast. Some exercisers have a tendency to pump the brakes a bit after they're seeing some results, and start justifying those French fries or apple pies because they've been "working out so much" these last two months. That mentality might sound realistic and practical but won't help you push through your fitness finish line.
Changing your workout or at least altering it a bit often is overlooked once exercisers get in a rhythm that has resulted in them losing weight. If you're a 30 minutes on the treadmill type person, and you've lost weight doing that, you'd probably be apt to stay the course.
Of course, any exercise is better than none at all, but your body can easily become accustomed to the same, old routine. When this happens, your best bet is to seek out a trainer or devise a plan to throw a wrench into that stagnant regimen with something new. You'll be pleasantly surprised when you ditch the treadmill in favor of a combination of weight training and plyometrics to rave reviews.
Staying on track from a diet perspective in addition to finding the wherewithal to think (and workout) outside the box could easily make the difference between flirting with the same weight for the next three months or shedding every last pound you set out to lose.

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