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Skin alive: Keeping skin healthy doesn't have to rough

Taking care of your skin seems relatively simple.
Wash, rinse, dry and repeat.
That process, however, is predicated on you not taking your skin and its durability for granted and actually implementing a regimen to care for it that is equal parts rudimentary and remarkable.
What sounds like a contradictory statement actually is quite plausible. Somewhere between a porous washcloth and cheap bar of soap and the most expensive face wash and overpriced skin peal is a happy medium that will keep you skin content for years.
So what are some easy ways to keep you skin glowing for the foreseeable future?

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Easily the most important is assuming that your skin can handle anything. You skin is tough, for sure, but it still wilts under weather conditions like blustery, cold wind and intense sunshine. Even the most indestructible of entities, your skin included, can't withstand everything.
That's why its important to understand fully what your skin is up against and plan accordingly. That could mean a particular soap for sensitive skin or one that combats cracking and dryness thanks to inclement weather.
If you're choosing a soap that only adds to that dry skin, for example, you're doing quite the disservice to your skin. In addition to finding a soap that compliments your skin more than hinders it, you don't want to go cheap on the wash cloth you're using, either.
Scrubbing hard, opening up those pores and pushing that dead skin aside all makes sense, but there's no need to force the issue. Rubbing and scrubbing too intensely is going to hurt more than it helps.
Besides the basic of soap and wash cloths, the little things you do throughout the day can go a long way to ensuring your skin stays silky and smooth.
If you exercise and sweat profusely, clean your face especially with a cool rag. And, make sure you're drinking enough water throughout the day, no matter if you're exercising or just pushing through a tiresome word day. Staying hydrated helps infinitely to maintain that healthy, skin glow.
It's hard to think about sunshine and tanning in the winter months, but those pesky and harmful UV rays aren't far away.
Everyone looks great with a tan, right? Wrong. Those rays you are catching are killing your skin. That's where sunscreen makes a world of difference when it comes to keeping your skin safe, rather than giving it a coarse, leather like feel to it.
Not making caring for your skin overly complicated tends to not only save you money but keep you looking younger, healthy and more beautiful by the day, without throwing an unwanted wrinkle into your plans on a daily basis.
Let's try to keep it that way.

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