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Lunk head: Don't be that annoying person at the gym

Anyone who has used a treadmill or hit the weight room with focus, passion and determination to get in shape has most likely run into "that" guy or gal either running or working out next to them.
This person is the epitome of bothersome when you take a moment to think about the sole purpose of the gym, and why we are all there. It also is one of the reasons people end up quitting the gym and going home until next year's New Year's resolution.
So how exactly do you practice proper behavior within the confines of the gym?
First, you have to understand truly why you are there.
Getting fit, losing weight and altering your lifestyle shouldn't doesn't have to include grunting, bumping and sharing a personal conversation for all to hear.

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Talking on your cell phone often is unavoidable, and no one is suggesting that you can never take a call while you're at the gym or working out. But you should consider that the gym isn't just yours and remove yourself from the fitness floor and find a lounge or locker room to duck into for that moment. Treat the gym like a movie theater or quiet restaurant, and ask yourself if you'd simply whip out your cell phone and start chatting it up or leave the area as to not disturb other paying patrons. Why would the gym be any different of a venue than the others?
What you want to steer clear of is answering your phone while you're using a piece of equipment and doing one of two things: talking loud enough for everyone to hear or planting yourself on a piece of equipment and having a long winded conversation. The former item is self explanatory, but the latter is just plain rude.
Sharing equipment is part of a gym etiquette that often is unspoken. The courteous action is to let fellow members work in on various machines, rather than hogging them for yourself, especially if you're having a cell phone conversation while doing so.
Often times monopolizing equipment doesn't even have to involve a cell phone, as some of the so called health club regulars feel as though they can simply use machine at their convenience, forgetting about everyone else on the floor.
Those same long time members might also take liberties that are anything but wanted, including acting as though they are the professional and personal trainers even though they don't work there.
Is there anything quite as off putting as having a total stranger tell you how to workout or what to do?
Most people aren't exactly enthralled with the idea of going to the gym as it is, and they're certainly not going to hang around longer than they need to if they're being pestered by other members.

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