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Getting an eyeful: What your eyes say about your health

The eye's have it.
Or, in the case of others interpreting how you're feeling or doctors determining exactly what is going on, the eyes tell the entire story.
Take famed and legendary broadcaster Bob Costas, who showed up for the 2014 Olympic Winter Games with two bloodshot eyes yet stilled attempted to push on and do his job admirably in the face of this issue.
Turns out, Costas had pink eye in both eyes, but that didn't stop the speculation beforehand as to exactly what was wrong with him as he peered stoically into the camera, eyes watering and squinting to suggest something was awry.
Pink eye is fairly obvious to spot to the trained eye, but what about when you look in the mirror and realize something doesn't seem right.

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Adam J. Scheiner, M.D., is a world renowned plastic surgeon who specializes in eye lid and facial surgery. He also is the author of "The True Definition of Beauty," and astutely points out just how our face, eyes specifically, can pinpoint to perfection if you're not feeling your best.
"Our faces are one of our biggest tools for communicating with others," Scheiner says.
In some cases, what your eyes are saying isn't always bad, but often providers physicians and professionals a window into exactly what they're dealing with on a day to day basis.
In short, our eyes have our back.
Think about the last time you didn't feel well; maybe you were battling a common cold or had symptoms associated with the flu. Your eyes probably were a little glassy well before you actually were sick. Even something as simple as having inherently oily skin will cause above your eye to swell and become increasing puffy.
Serious ailments also can be detected thanks in large part to your eyes, including high cholesterol (thanks to a gray ring around your eye) which can lead to increased chance of a stroke or heart attack. Certain types of cancers can be detected by doctors examining your eyes as well.
For patients and everyone really, eyes often get overlooked. As important as your vision is, you often take your eyes for granted as far as caring for them on a daily basis. Foods like carrots and dark greens work wonders for keeping your eyes healthy and well, and regular eye exams and care if you wear contacts also plays a large role.
Ironically, you should spend time listening to what your eyes are trying to say. Having the vision and foresight to pay close attention to that message might be the difference between knowing exactly what's happening to you and turning a blind eye to symptoms you might not want to ignore.

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