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Clean machine: Ditch the harsh chemicals for easy, natural clean

Between Clorox, Pledge, Windex and Mr. Clean, you're caught somewhere between spending way too much money on cleaning products and questioning if all these harsh chemicals are really worth the trouble.
Plenty of consumers gobble up products and items that keep their kitchens and dining rooms sparkling but also fill the air with more than just a sense of accomplishment when your house is clean. Questioning whether the positive outweighs the negative when it comes to those in store cleaning products that have been your staples for years is worth more than just a passing thought. You're breathing ingredients that might be wreaking havoc with your lungs, especially if you're cleaning inside a closed space like a bathroom.
Furthermore, if you suffer from allergies, using any of the aforementioned cleaning products puts you in a situation that makes you sick, tired or coughing and sneezing to the point that you wonder aloud whether there's a better way.
And, thankfully, there is.
Household cleaning doesn't have to be mired in a mix of chemicals and concoctions that do more harm than good. Something as simple as baking soda or vinegar can easily supplant what you're buying at the store, and will have you breathing a sigh of relief literally.

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You'll feel better immediately when you're not working with traditional chemicals, and you'll save yourself from spending a pretty penny on every $5 bottle of cleaner.
Take that vinegar and mix it with a fantastic, fruit stand lemon, and you'll have a solution to mopping your floor or cleaning your windows that costs less and won't have you woozy by the time you're done with your chores.
In addition, baking soda makes wonderful oven cleaner in place of those aerosol spray bottles, and you can use any leftover lemon peels for the bottom of your trash can from week to week. Bag up those lemon leftovers and leave it, so you can kick the smell in your can.
Vinegar and olive oil isn't for just salads anymore, either. Using that dressing can address the dust on your fine wood throughout the house. Just a small amounts of both on a microfiber cloth or dry rag can easily take the place of furniture polish.
Cleaning until your heart is content doesn't have include immersing yourself in overly strong, potent and questionable ingredients. Instead, you might want to take a quick look around the house, including in the fridge, to see about piecing together the perfect array of safe cleaning products.

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