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Personal best: Why your baby's first room should speak to them

Parents piecing together their first and subsequent baby rooms usually have no shortage of grandiose and spectacular ideas as far as furniture, carpeting, toys and décor is concerned. Getting from ideas to implementation might be a little tougher in a few of those categories.
So how do you make your baby's room stand out in a sea of decorating mediocrity?
Furniture and carpet kind of speak for themselves, with staples such as cribs, dressers and changing tables addressing the former. As far as carpeting, picking a lighter color could spell trouble for those inevitable spills but obviously anything stain resistant should suffice. Choosing carpet in conjunction with determining the color scheme would also make sense moving forward.
Anyone stumped from a nuts and bolts furniture standpoint or any other baby related accessories you might need would be wise to find a store that is customer oriented and offers checklists as far as organizing your thoughts and life as far as what to buy.
Moms and dads may have a little more trouble with décor, creatively speaking, if they know theoretically what they want but can't quite seem to put it all together with relative ease. Thankfully, baby rooms and products that allow parents to personalize them is a bustling, lucrative and gratifying business, with no shortage of variations as far as designing is concerned.

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Incorporating toys and décor that truly gives you baby's room a distinct style and sense to it has become a popular route for parents to take. Something as simple as wooden wall art that spells out the baby's name makes for a distinct, imaginative feel for the room. Parents with a little more of an artistic background that aren't afraid to handle a glue gun might think about gluing square, wooden letters together to either spell out the baby's name or other cute words or phrases.
One incredibly original product that serves as equal parts décor and functionality is the "I See Me" growth chart for kids. Not only does the chart allow parents to track and watch their kids grow, but "I See Me" saw a need to make growth charts fun and personal. The fun comes in the form of various themes to choose from, likes animals or sports. Each "I See Me" chart includes the name of your son or daughter, and the charts will last until the child is at least 42 inches tall.
Simply put, "I See Me" is built to last as a nursery or room staple for years.
The best advice is to stay focused, find remarkable products and keep on task with one, sole idea or theme and build the better baby room one toy block at a time.

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