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Hidden gem: Today's jewelry aficionado wants pieces personalized

Is there any type of jewelry more unique or coveted than that of the personalized nature?
If you ask some of the hottest celebrities or actors in Hollywood, they'll agree wholeheartedly that personalized jewelry ranks at the top of their accessories list, and with good reason.
Most famous moms can't wait to sport a maternal necklace with the names of their children inscribed on the back, keeping their loveable children and namesakes close to their heart. Crack open the pages of a People magazine and look closely at what you see. More than likely, if you pay attention to accessories, you'll see the most famous females in the world wearing personalized jewelry.
So where do they get these pieces? Perhaps they're made specifically for them or they make it a point to shop of the shelves like all of us.
This remarkably popular piece of jewelry doesn't have to be reserved for just famous people or those who enjoy salaries in the seven or eight figure range.

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Finding personalized jewelry and necklaces doesn't have to be the kind of purchase that requires a bank loan or you draining your entire savings account in the process. For moms who work a traditional job and don't have an endless stream of cash to covet this type of jewelry, there still is plenty of realistic options to have that personalized look without putting yourself in a financial hole.
The trick is finding a company or jeweler that dabbles in personalized products, but isn't only interested in making a mint off your desire to own something comparable to your favorite movie star.
Plenty of marquee and renowned national jewelers stake their claim as the frontrunner in the personalized jewelry game, and most do an admirable job in that regard. More specifically, Nelle & Lizzy comes to mind thanks to for a variety of reasons, namely selection and price point. The former is a treat for customers who want to have a keepsake that reminds them of their children, and might want more than just a necklace as an option. Nelle & Lizzy also includes rings or bracelets in addition to the more common necklace.
Having personalized jewelry choices from a product standpoint certainly makes a difference in terms of where you're going to buy from, but what about style, cut, color or the ability to add birthstones, too?
Nelle & Lizzy makes it a point to tackle that potential hurdle with flawless inventory and a collection that keeps customer content and, more importantly, coming back.
Jewelry is like any item as far as customers are concerned. They want quality, durability, style and substance from anything they buy, and that list of criteria easily applies to jewelry.
Personalizing it to truly transcend a typical piece certainly doesn't hurt, either.

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