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Giant steps: Newest Samsung phone not surprisingly goes big

The cell phone industry has come full circle in one very noticeable area: the size of the phones.
The earliest known cellular phones were enormous, much too big to fit in a suit pocket or a pair of jeans. These gigantic mobile devices looked to be about the size of a football, and even funnier pressed against the ear of the few people that actually had them.
Flash forward to 2014, and the cell phone business is booming, with everyone from your 10 year old nephew to your 90 year old grandmother sporting a smart phone. It's almost unheard of to not have a phone, and don't even think about busting out your beeper.
But as much as cell phone usage had changed, the phone size is starting to harken back to the earliest incarnation of cell phones. Granted, they'll probably never truly mirror the ones you've seen from the 1980s that are laughable large, but the latest line of smart phones shows that large is back in charge when it comes to buying your next phone.
The Samsung Galaxy S5 is about to be released, and one of the selling points of the smart phone is the screen size, which checks in at just over five inches. Samsung also expertly added a few more tactical effects to the phone, such as a backing that has a little grip to it, for all those consumers who simply can't help but drop these delicate devices.

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There's also talk of the other heavy hitter in the cell phone game, Apple, debuting the iPhone 6 in the fall with, you guessed it, a larger screen. Factor in other huge phones like the Galaxy Note 2 or 3 and the Samsung Mega, and the general public seems content on clamoring for phones that probably would fit more comparably in a backpack rather than a back pocket.
The irony of this shift is not long ago these same customers who are gobbling up these giant cell phones were raving about flip phones or the smaller, early versions of smart phones and touting the lack of bulk and size as a positive.
Flipping the switch so to speak from small to large in terms of cell phones isn't quite as surprising when you consider how the streaming and digital media surge has supplanted traditional means of entertainment. Today's consumer isn't just watching TV on their couch in front of a traditional set but rather likes the idea of having a phone large enough to suffice when they're not at home.
A huge selling point of services like Netflix, HULU and various other streaming networks or web sites is the idea that you can enjoy them on the go or anywhere you might be. Can't imagine that any of those companies would love marketing their products to the flip phone community.
Just how big these phones will get is hard to say, but there's no denying that at some point the smaller, more streamlined, screens and phones will become the rage again at some point.
For now, bigger is better.

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