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H2 no: Finding healthy beverage beyond water proves puzzling

We all know water is king when it comes to your health and what you're choosing to drink.
Realistically, no one only drinks water all day and often people turn to sports drinks, iced tea, lemonades or other sugary beverages or sodas that actually do more harm than good.
Even the drinks dubbed "diet" don't really live up to that namesake. Most diet sodas or teas, for example, contain artificial ingredients that have been linked to stomach cramping, ulcers and even cancer.
Suddenly, the word "diet" doesn't sound so great. On a lesser scale, diet soda does more harm than good when it comes to your waistline. Those same artificial ingredients actually make you eat more, which leaves many to wonder how they're drinking diet beverages yet not losing any weight.
Somewhere between sugary drinks and those labeled diet is a happy medium that is more than just drinking water all day, every day.

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One easy answer that comes to mind is tea that is unsweetened and flavored with a little natural lemon and honey. If your sweet tooth simply can't handle it, mix a little sweet tea in with the unsweetened version to cut the sugar in half.
What about adding a little kick to your water, too?
The days of guzzling one plain glass of water after another is so antiquated given the options available. Sparkling water does wonders to masque the bland taste of water, and even the soda companies picked up on this trend and are now selling everything from water that tastes like watermelon and coconut water.
Those in search of pepping up their water should cautiously pursue those small packets of flavoring that come in powder form, most of which are no better than diet soda. LO Fruit Beverage easily ranks as a better bet, given its ingredients are low in sugar and calories. More important, LO earns high praise for being comprised of actual fruit and servicing the needs of those who suffer with diabetes or high blood pressure.
Having the occasional glass of real lemonade or a tall, cool swig of homemade iced tea isn't necessarily a bad thing. Enjoying those types of sugar filled drinks simply need to be consumed in moderation, not to the point that they're doing more harm than good.
It's how you fill the gap between that lemonade and tea that ultimately determines whether you're truly adopting a healthy lifestyle beyond water or your beverage of choice is all wet.

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