6 Unique Spring Break Destinations

03/10/14 by Krystin Olinski

The polar vortex has everyone hoping for a tropical getaway this Spring Break. Unfortunately, the side effect of Spring Break is either drunken frat boys high fiving or toddlers crying over spilled milk. This year, don't settle and instead choose a Spring Break destination that is off the grid without costing as much as your student loans.
1. Puerto Rico: No passport required. A trip to PR is the luxury of the Caribbean without waiting 12 weeks for your passport to arrive. This is an ideal location for a spontaneous getaway. In Puerto Rico, lay on the white sand, trek through the rainforest, explore their beautiful caves or snorkel the reefs. What more is there in life, really?
2. Austin : Austin has a slogan, "Keep Austin Weird." You can do just that in the tech centric millennial city. Their music and tech festivals are the holy grail to the indie scene. If you head to Austin, make sure to check out a music show, meander the farmer's markets and don't forget to Instagram or Snapchat your travels.

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3. New Orleans: Whether you are a history buff or a whiskey lush, New Orleans is the city for you. In The Big Easy, you can have your tarot cards read, take a paddle boat down the Mississippi River and listen to the saxophone playing in the breeze. There is something romantic and timeless about New Orleans.
4. Tulum: Authentic Mexico is not served at Senor Frog's. Make sure to visit the less touristy, Tulum. Tulum is home to Sian Ka'an, a World Heritage site, one of the 7 Wonders of the Modern World, Chichen Itza, and you can swim with the dolphins.
5. Hawaii: The lone state of Hawaii seems so unreachable monetarily and geographically. This year, however, they are hosting sales to Oahu with flights and hotel packages under $500. Hawaii needs no introduction with its lava fields, rainforest, surfing and all the leis you can get.
6. Iceland: If you can stand the ice any longer, Iceland is one of the more beautiful locations on Earth. There are few places where you can horseback ride on a glacier in the morning, traverse lava tube caves in the afternoon and catch the Aurora Borealis after dinner. Iceland is relatively inexpensive flight and hotel stay. Just beware of the cost of food, a calzone and a coke will run you nearly $40.
Enjoy your Spring Break.

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