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Home grown: Dieting doesn't come easy, especially away from home

One of the bigger obstacles to overcome, as it pertains to sticking to a diet and maintaining a healthy eating regimen, is the ability to take that mentality with you to work or any time you go out.
Talk to any personal trainer, dietician and nutritionist and you'd be hard pressed to find one that doesn't equate losing weight and staying on track with buying your own food and cooking at home. But realistically, everyone needs options when they're not in the comfortable confines of their own kitchen.
Those pesky drive thru windows and extra value menus make life easy and difficult in the same breath. Working late at work, rushing around doing errands or dropping the kids at soccer practice often prohibit the traditional dinner, and the fast food industry subsequently thrives in this atmosphere. The flip side, the negative one, is what happens to your body and health from eating that type of food on a consistent basis.
Cheeseburgers, French fries, chicken fingers and sugary sodas supplant grilled chicken, healthy pasta, lean meats and steamed vegetables, thanks to a lack of time. Some of the more savvy individuals and families recognize this trend quickly and break out the crock pot or begin thawing and preparing dinner for Tuesday on Monday night. That might not be the most ideal situation, but will prevent two important things from happening: gaining weight and spending money on both groceries and fast food.
From the crock pot to the mason jar, finding new ways to eat healthy on the go drive creativity and thinking outside the pizza box. The mason jar may sound like a stretch, but using that apparatus to store and transport your salad has become wildly popular, and resulted in plenty of companies taking note of this current trend.

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Entities like Farmer's Fridge out of Chicago and Organic Salads in a Jar out of Scotsdale, Arizona stand tall as some of the more unique choices. The Organic Salads in a Jar is pretty much self explanatory, mixing lettuce, tomatoes and all sorts of goodies in one easy to carry jar in a variety of options: southwest, Chinese and chopped are three delicious selections.
Snacking isn't much better, and some would argue that it's worse. Very few food conscious people actually pack themselves healthy snacks like fruit, veggies or an assortment of nuts to munch on throughout the day, instead opting for that long walk to the vending machine for a stale Hot Pocket, potato chips or that ham and cheese sandwich that no one wants.
There's no trick to taming those eating woes, other than a cognizant effort to plan ahead and pack what you need at least a day in advance. One of the bigger hurdles isn't so much knowing that you should eat right but figuring out exactly what to eat.
Snacking while you're at work or school is commonplace today. Choosing wisely makes the biggest difference, in addition to piecing together your snacking itinerary ahead of time. Carrington Farms offers plenty of healthy alternatives, whether you're in the mood for delicious flax seeds or chia seeds.
Whether you're snacking or planning a full fledged meal, nothing is off the table. Throwing a salad together in an old jar, simply relying on all stand by methods to prepare a dinner or skipping undesirable snacking between meals reside as a just a few ways to taper your temptation to eat improperly when you're not at home.

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