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Habit forming: Teach yourself daily tricks to save money

At one time or another, you've undoubtedly struggled to spend money wisely or save it accordingly.
If you've been unsuccessful on both counts, there might not be a clear or easy answer as to why you have the best intention to put money aside but simply can't get ahead or climb out of the proverbial hole when it comes to debt.
One theory is that you're either trying too hard to save or not trying hard enough. The former would suggest that you've paired down your budget too much, starving and depriving yourself of enjoying even a modicum of your money, thus prompting you to curb your spending but, in turn, struggle psychological to do so.
Trying too hard also could translate into paying too much attention to the bigger items that you're paying for, like your car or house, and letting the little things slide. Truthfully, those smaller items add up quickly and could translate into trouble at some point.
Figure out after about 30 days just how much you're spending on those so called tiny lunches three or four days a week or that trip to Starbucks that costs you $3 each time you go. Being mindful of the minute purchases might be the difference between saving a few thousand dollars per year and filling your food or coffee habits, respectively.

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If you aren't trying hard enough to save money, then maybe you just need a little motivation and organization to push yourself in the right direction. The organizational part could come in a variety of forms, including setting a specific day to pay your bills and write out your budget. You also might want to try setting aside $50 or $100 per pay, and that is something that can easily be done automatically on a monthly basis, without much thinking or proactive behavior thanks to the technology employed by the bank.
Another huge oversight by the general public when it comes to saving money is not being prepared when they're about to shop. This pertains to food or clothing and not knowing that you're only there for a few items and end up leaving spending double what you intended. The idea of a shopping list probably sounds more appropriate for the grocery store, but clothing shouldn't be overlooked, either. The idea isn't so much what you're buying but how much. Writing down what you needs takes a few minutes and ultimately will save you a ton.
Having a tumultuous relationship with money is fairly common for the masses, but those who identify the issue and correct it stand to gain perspective and financial freedom versus those who simply believe that nothing is wrong.

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