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Love bugged: Identity theft puts damper on online dating

This year's Valentine's Day has come and gone, but that hardly means much to the online dating crowd.
Finding your perfect match has no boundaries and hardly is relegated to just one day out of the year. Proof of that point can be found in the millions of members to sites like eHarmony and Match.com, both of which are tailored to a demographic that might not have the time, patience or energy for traditional dating.
These sites are quick to tout a myriad of success stories, ones that begin with two strangers meeting based on matching criteria and end with engagements and marriages. That type of marketing makes for equal parts successful business and fully satisfied members.
All is right with online dating. Well, almost everything.
Love often can blind even the most studious and prudent online daters to the point that they're sharing too much information and thus put themselves in the position to have their identity theft. Nothing quells potential romance like the idea of having your personal information, account numbers or credit compromised.

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Can you actually have your identity stolen faster than your heart? Truthfully, you'd think that wouldn't be possible with something as simple and innocent as online dating, but scam artists and identity thieves hardly pause for sentimental reasons. For that reason, you'd be wise to keep your guard up no matter the forum you're using.
Experian's ProtectMyID provides plenty of protection, as the name suggests, from identity theft, and is quick to offer suggestions for those in search of love to be mindful that information put forth by even the most sincere of consumers still run a risk for having their identity compromised.
Thanks to companies like Experian's ProtectMyID, consumers can heed the advice of their expert staff and also implement any of their services geared to help prevent any fraud related issues. A few of the benefits of using Experian's ProtectMyID include staving off any identity theft issues before they happen thanks to early warning alerts and notifications that something may have gone awry.
As far as online dating specifically, men and women might have a tendency to make more than a few tactical errors when it comes to finding the ideal companion. Experian's ProtectMyID urges the masses and their customers alike to steer clear of giving away too much information and be leery if your would be love interest is asking for exceptional and unusual details.
Chances are if the person you're talking with asks for a loan or wants to know your financial situation, they probably don't have your best interests in mind.
You should do your part to protect your identity, too. That means keeping your phone numbers and background private, especially considering much of the networking and conversing is being done online.
Experian's ProtectMyID also urges customers to not overlook the simple things, like making sure your password to your dating sites is as iron clad as possible.
It's easy to forget about protecting your pertinent information when you're in the midst of being swept off your feet. But sweeping your common sense and good judgment under the proverbial rug isn't exactly the most intelligent of decisions and probably will go a long way to transforming your love of online dating into a less infatuating relationship.

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