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Old schooled: Why the tablet is tailor made for older generation

Have you ever tried to explain the inner workings of a Mac, PC or laptop to someone that has never used a computer?
Chances are, you've found yourself slowly but surely attempting to walk a computer novice through something as simple as sending an email or logging on to the internet. These practices may seem pedestrian to you, but if you're sitting across the computer desk from an older parent or grandparent, then chance are your patience and their comprehension of these devices may be equally tested.
Anyone who has used Windows 8 knows just how cumbersome and annoying it can be, but imagine if you're using a computer for the first time and meet this pesky operating system for the first time. Lots of clicking, passwords and tiles that probably won't be the easiest navigation for someone using a PC for the first time, which begs the question when it comes to an older population putting themselves in front of a computer.
Isn't there any easier way for these baby boomers to gracefully and gradually enjoy everything a computer has to offer, only minus the computer part?
Look no further than the wonder and simplicity that is the tablet.

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These small, albeit sensational, pieces of equipment seem tailor made for the demographic that is technologically inept when it comes to learning a new gadget or device. Recent studies regarding tablets and the ages of those buying them would point toward the market getting older, rather than younger.
That information would suggest that the tablets have cracked the proverbial glass ceiling as far as being perceived as too savvy for the silver haired crowd. It would appear that the exact opposite it true. Anyone, regardless of age, who has used a tablet obviously can see the appeal of these devices as opposed to the traditional desktop or laptop computer or Mac.
The tablet, without taking away from just how remarkable they are, essentially has an on and off switch, and doesn't include anything more than one simple home screen filled with apps. The screens are large enough and apps discernible enough that they're incredibly easy to spot and migrate between at any age. Price is hardly an issue, either. The amazing Kindle HD checks in at well under $200, and even the iPad isn't the unattainable tablet it once was from a price standpoint.
In addition to being easily portable and most boasting a battery life that borders on exceptional, tablets typically sell themselves to just about any age group. The senior crowd can't stay away, either.
Simply put, the tablet has been tabbed as the device of choice for the 55 and older crowd.

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